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Yewon min suk dating, wednesday, june 3, 2015

Their approaching is slower than other couples.

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I wish Saturday comes every other day to be able to see more of them. It felt like they found an equal with each other and tried to push each other's boundaries, but end up getting embarrassed themselves. They are 'playing house' real well and I'm glad they are enjoying their virtual marriage At that moment I'm really happy.

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For their first meeting, I noticed that there was only a little bit awkward feelings between them but now it's WOW, I hope that my first impression for them will last. No matter what happens I vote teukso couple. She is looks so adorable, pretty, cute, and so kind.

Love Jung yong hwa coach dating athlete much I love to watch them together. They are definitely made for each other and fate brought them together.

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A love that grew deeper as they create more memories together during the show. I can see them falling for each other more and more.

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The feeling for each other at first episode is really real and naeun is so sincere and cute They are really cute and so romantic. They match well physically and also their personalities are a complement to one another. When Vic's left side of her shirt loosen, he put it up and fixed her clothes not only her clothes but her bangs too 3.

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We were so overwhelmed. Sadly they were on their own lives now but I'm still hopeful that someday they'll be together again and it'll be for real and official relationship!

And watching them growing so much in WGM is prove that they're not doing this for broadcast. All of a sudden I am inspired to believe in the marriage constitution She's also so cute, very pretty and adorable. I just adore and love them. I think their mothers also support their relationship.

-ENG SUB- Final episode Ohye Couple Unseen Cut [oh min suk & kang yewon]

JinYoung bought out a side of GoongMin I had never seen before. It is Okay for them to slow in skin ship. G and their song 'Abracadabra' before they're married, the fact that they're already close before the show, it's just feeling like fate.

It must be glorious if they really get together.

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Their stares are filled with love and attraction Find your love one immediately life is too short make so find love immediately Aww where do I start with this couple?

It was too short.

[We Got Married] Joy & Sungjae, Oh Min Suk & Kang Yewon

It's like watching a real couple hanging out. I love how they slowly develop and opened up.

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And JJY is not really a romantic type of guy, so every little thing he did to Yoo Mi romantically felt so special. I fell inlove with their interactions and I felt like they were both genuine about their feelings whenever they are together.

They would have been the best couple: You can definitely see the real genuine love between them off and on-screen.

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They had such great chemistry This is the cutest couple I've seen that actually treats each other like siblings and they really have good communication I loved seeing these too they had a very Good Chemistry and I really enjoyed watching them go from awkward to normal V 11 Comments 28 Yook Sungjae and Joy I felt their sincerity toward each other.

Which couple is your favorite? It was a love that was found on a very unexpected way.