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If another player mends your heart with a friendship bracelet it will remove the Heartbroken debuff and give you another chance to try for a Gift of Adoration.

Find someone who has placed a Romantic Picnic in Dalaran. He will give you the quest Morgan's Discovery, which will take you back to Aristan Mottar. So come on, McLovein. Lovely Merchants can be found in all major cities and sell rewards for 2. You need the picnic basket, which is contained in all Gift of Adorations.

Ennore port trust tenders dating Paysonthe cockroach vendor, is located under the bank steps. Talk to them and give them a Love Token. To get the boxes, you need to buy and use either a cologne or a perfume and speak to the guards for example.

For the completion, you have to destroy a chem-wagon and then kill five Crown Chemical Co.


Shooting a player gives them a temporary Peddlefeet pet. Well, real life trumps the virtual. It is discovered that Tony and Nancy went to high school together. Benjamin Sell ; edited by: While wearing your chosen fragrance approach any NPC, of the appropriate gender for your fragrance choice.

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To earn the "The Rocket's Pink Glare" achievement, players must fire off 10 of the heart-shaped [Love Rockets] in 20 seconds or less. You get to keep the items after wow flirt with disaster achievement event too.

Next, the group heads to Battle Creek, Michigan with the hope of meeting the man whose name appears as the person who delivered infant Mel to the adoption agency.

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If you are Horde, you'll travel to Undercity and find Jeremiah Payson, the cockroach vendor. Consequently, you'll need Lovely Charms total for this achievement, which -- if you don't go out farming for them on their own -- amounts to 3 days' worth of dailies giving bracelets to faction leaders.

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Fistful of Love What an The next day Paul explains the situation and is able to get Mel's parents released, and they are happy and reassured to hear Mel call them his parents. However, when he discovers that Mel might be his son, he becomes instantly friendly and lets Mel drive his semi-trailer truckwhich Mel immediately crashes into a Post Office building.

Mimiron Love is in the Air is a seasonal event that occurs somewhere around Valentine's day; February th, to be exact. Once you speak to Kwee Q.

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Obtain a permanent Peddlefeet companion pet by receiving a [Truesilver Shafted Arrow] from a gift during the holiday to earn the "Perma-Peddle" achievement. At the last quest, be sure to click the cauldron. If you're Alliance, toss on some Perfume, buy enough alcohol to get "completely smashed," and stumble your way over to Sraazthe gnomish pie vendor who paths around the Great Forge in Ironforge.

Due to its abbreviated timeframe and the fact that this event occurs during a 3-day holiday weekend when some of those young lovers and not-so-young lovers may be leaving for a romantic getaway, this could be the event that is the spoiler for many who were hoping to attain the "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" achievement within a one year time frame.

Simply, make a macro with: Your holiday event is upon us. Two human players enjoying a Romantic picnic during the Love is in the Air celebration 9.

The trip, of course, does not go as planned, and ends up becoming a tour of the United States. For those who prefer to take a more direct approach to earning affection, the "Shafted! There is also a short introductory quest line that you will want to do.

Love Is In The Air Achievement Guide

You must make sure Blacksmith is displayed on the screen before you use your item. I hope this little guide will help you to finish your Love is in the Air quest chain! Flirt with Disaster To achieve "Flirt with Disaster," you must douse yourself with fragrance and get drunk.

This is a short event; only 5 days in length, so those who want to complete the Fool for Love achievement associated with this event can't dawdle.

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Tina locates the current address of Mel's biological parents, which turns out to be in rural New Mexico. A montage of their relationships continues over the credits. You buy that from innkeepers in some cities. Take this to Aristan Mottar who stands in the square in front of the inn, near the bank.

Be sure the person you are targeting does not have a mini-pet out or it will not count. This achievement is always a fun one, leading to people shouting out the locations of hard to find combinations in Dalaran and hordes of people scrambling to find them.

So, save your tokens.


Eligibility All the parts of the event are open to players above level 5 some parts are even available to level 1 characters. Curiously enough, there doesn't seem to be any alcohol available in Undercity; you'll have to bring some with you, or else fly to Tarren Mill.

You need to buy 5 of these, so you will spend a total of 50 tokens.