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World Masters Orienteering Championship

The availability of communications to proposed arena locations is an important matter. The applicant has to be able to accommodate up to 5, people within an hours drive from the venues. Make corrections for this event Event description Croatia open wmoc 2018 harzflirt 6-day orienteering festival and will be placed in Croatian region Primorsko-Goranska from 21stth July Add to your calendar.

Terrain description New areas will be drawn for this edition of Croatia open - terrains ranging from extreme karst to fun old-town of Krk. This should be viewed from the perspectives of all likely participant countries.

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Transportation How will competitors get to the race arenas? Event will have 5 stages with rest day beetween stages 2 and 3 all ranked for overall standings.

Short description Nearest international airport Nearest railway station Name Means of transport to event centre Distance and time of transport to event centre Programme Description: The applicant should have access to different standards of accommodation in a wide price range from star hotels to very basic accommodation.

Good transport links to the event centre and from the event centre to each race arena are important. Will the organisers provide tourism packages? There should be a good variety of activities and tourism interests in the locality The applicant federation s and local applicant s previous track record on national and international major event organisation.

We also want to organize WMOC on the same area shielded guitar hookup wire 18ga this might be the last oportunity to run on some maps around Delnice before we put embargo until on them - including town of Krk!

As above Accommodation Description of accommodation concept: WMOC competitors put terrain and competition as their top priority, but tourism is next on the list.


This includes mobile phone coverage and the ability to produce online results internet access at the arena. Combine Cerkno Cup in Slovenia with Croatia open and have 12 days of real orienteering in 2 countries and explore terrains from high Alps till warm Adriatic!

This is important at events held in countries where road conditions are such that participants may be reluctant to drive.

Names and roles of persons present at the presentation meeting: Access to high quality sprint areas is critically important to WMOC. It is very important that at least a substantial subset of key officials are able to communicate effectively with the SEA and other IOF representatives General ability of the population to communicate in English.

The terrain should be as technical as possible. Places for ceremonies - Opening ceremony, eventual prize-giving ceremonies, banquet. The preliminary event dates will be decided in conjunction with the appointment.

WMOC 2018 - World Masters Orienteering Championships, Denmark, Friday, 0 July 2018

While it is highly unlikely that an orienteering event has sufficient profile to present a specific security risk in the way that, for example, an Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup does, those associated with the event are still exposed to risks which exist generally in the region where the event is taking place e.

WMOC currently has 2 sprint races: As above Long F: Please bear in mind, that an area which is physically difficult but technically challenging e. Beside event we will provide you excelent training posibilities for real o-holiday.

Training possibilities We will provide several marked training maps close to competition area. Notice that the following event will take precedence over WMOC when dates for season events are approved: As above Long Q: Name, distance, travel time from Event Centre, parking areas and parking capacity Sprint F: General information The World Masters Orienteering Championships programme includes the following five races: As above Model events: The organiser should be prepared to offer transport at the expense of users to participants and spectators, although experience suggests that uptake is likely to be low at WMOC.

Venue Proposed host town for Event Centre: The following persons from the applicant acted as hosts: Rough prices of different standards of accommodation should be provided. The suitability of proposed arenas is evaluated with regard to size, location, accessibility, etc.

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WMOC currently has 3 forest races: Reason for proposing this period: General cost level of the applicant country. Beside hiking, canoeing or cycling in highlands we have plenty of mountain peaks higher than m you can try out water-skiing, diving, swimming, submarine excursions, bungee jumping and many other activities on our Adriatic coast.

Date Preferred date or period: Visa procedures which make it difficult or impossible for competitors for some countries to attend, or which require unacceptably long lead times for applications, are a significant negative for the event.

With up to competitors expected, crowd management should also be taken into account. This compulsory fee shall be paid to the IOF to obtain the organising rights for the event. Organiser s experience The applicant s recent experience in organising major orienteering events: The fee includes full sponsorship rights.


Evaluation and appointment A shortlist of applicants will be drawn up by the IOF, and their applications will be evaluated in detail via an IOF assessment visit during the first half ofduring which all aspects of the application will be inspected.

Copies of the evaluation criteria used by the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission and the evaluation report form can be found appended to this document. Name and title of responsible English-speaking contact person: Regional and local authorities: