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I dont think he is but theres always a chance. Is George Listing gay? He is beyond charming and not a diva at all.

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If George Boleyn had been a homosexual it would have been difficult for such a high profile person to have kept it secret. The shock news comes exactly one month after Stadler flirt rosenheim24 came out publicly in a heartfelt YouTube videoin which he revealed he'd had both girlfriends and boyfriends in the past.

You are referring to the man behind the Kodak.

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Yes he was gay. An ESPN report referred to her as his "life partner" which confused fans who thought he might be gay since that term is frequently used for homosexual couples.

It would certainly have been used at his trial as proof of his perverse nature, yet again, it was never mentioned. A Google search for George Chakiris brings up limited information on his private life.

Even Wikipedia makes no mention of personal status, except for where he came from.

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Thirdly, Warnicke suggests that George may have been the lover of Mark Smeaton, using as the sole piece of evidence the fact that at some stage they both had accesss to the same book. For us to acccept the theory we most also accept that Cavendish knew about it, and if Cavendish had have known about it then so would everybody else.

Again this seems a stretch of interpretation of extant evidence.

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Warnicke's theory has been used in various works of fiction, including The Other Boleyn Girlby Philippa Gregory and the television series The Tudors.

McClellan became a Union general in He mentioned it several times.

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This is merely a theory with no realistic evidence to support it. There were no rumours relating to homosexuality or bisexuality during George's life or at the time of his death. Hearn and Simons have two sons. By the way he was an avid big-game hunter not at all a Gay hobby.

George Shelley axed from Union J as his former bandmates tear into him

The theory of George Boleyn's sexuality stems from a biography of Anne Boleyn by Retha Warnicke inwhich was also picked up by Alison Weir in another Boleyn biography. I don't care one way or the other, I like him anyway.

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George is not openly gay, although he has dated men since he was sixteen. The boys say that instead of carrying on as a threesome, they will now look for a fourth member to replace Shelley.

Was george Boleyn gay?

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Get Me Out of Here! I'm not gay, but one good aspect of gay people is they know how to choose good music! I have a sneaking suspicion that he is, but it's his business if he wants to remain 'in the closet' so to speak, or come 'out'.

Later that year inNovember ofLincoln again removed him from active duty. Just like Dianna Ross who's straight, still made a song that truly inspired gay people called "I'm coming out", and being played all over the gay world parades of the past!

Again, this is not substantiated by other historians, and seems a stretch as far as interpreting Boleyn's exact words. A rumor and a rumor only.

George Shelley

A spokesperson for George responded the comments last night, accusing the singer's former bandmates of simply being jealous of his individual success. His former bandmate Jaymi Hensley - who is also openly gay - offered his support in the aftermath of the announcement, telling Attitude he was "so proud" of the year-old.

No one knows for sure.