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Do not bring her to a movie. The least popular group is black women, to whom only 1 in 2. However, I am not an expert. The research subjects are mostly American โ€” the majority of people on OkCupid are American.

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They can not find guys in their culture. Stylish Polish ladies relaxing and chatting. I can say this because the other day I heard a relative of mine take a dig at the West and women in particular, saying that well! Sure, some nations might be techier or more advanced with equal rights for women, human rights or have men that believe that half of the household chores belong to them too insert smile here.

I mean I am a foreign guy and married a Polish woman so who am I to judge. Sometimes people say that the Arabian guys are marrying Polish girls for a Visa or citizenship to the EU or other reasons besides love. If she truly accepts what is, maybe her house of cards comes tumbling down.

Of course, its worse for women. For example, one of my sisters cannot stand hearing spanish spoken. Most live in Warsaw and some in Krakow and other large cities. I spoke to a good looking white dude about this and he agreed with me. Just have a converstation like youre talking to your old friend.

I could not believe these white girls are heartless. You are forgetting that generation that was talking bad about you, came from being on the cusp of being disrespected, raped, and otherwise mistreated by the british. Do not complain about it in front of her rather talk something else like how you talk to your friends.

I'm dating this gorgeous black girl. What do people think about a white guy dating a black girl?

Yes it is racism here period. It is really hard for me not to go gaga after them.

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All we can do is bless their small minds even though it can hurt at times. So can a Middle Eastern guy date a Polish girl? Polish girls are very democratic and modern and they are not used to being treated any other way.

Test the waters and figure it out what she likes to talk about.

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They now will have to invest in me and pay for my dinners, if they want me. There are simply too many other factors that are not taken into account. If a Middle Eastern guy marries a Catholic girl, in his mind he is not married.

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Asian men, while being quite unpopular, do rather well with Middle Eastern women who are the most popular group of women. I never take it negatively because everyone takes a peek just out of curiosity.

Nothing new about that, in the US we routinely get asked the same stupid and equivalent dumb questions whenever something bad in Pakistan, the middle east, or any non-white country occurs.

I admire the respect they gave to their moms and what the rest of their relatives has to say but its just sad its so rare a man has successfully stand up and speak what his heart beats for when it comes to love. Also, because I am different- blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin.

I wonder if this is true. Indian and black guys are doing much better here even though they remain relatively unpopular. I married my Romanian sweet heart and we have 6 year old daughter from this marriage.

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Like-wisetheir divorced statuswith or without kids was immaterial to me. To Indian Guys who feel incapable of chasing women you feel you are unsuitable for, stop secluding yourself within boundaries, and do some introspection.

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It has nothing to do with self esteem or confidence, but the opposite sexes attitude. You just have to try a little bit harder sometimes.

White guys are still popular, but Middle Eastern are even more so. By the way, gay people are much less exclusive when it comes to dating. They tend to prefer their own clan.

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It is very diversified and people are more open minded accepting than say Iowa. This is something very different from the previous chart. It is very likely that race is the factor that affects the response rate. They are the ones most willing to write back. So, I look forward to reading and absorbing your intellectual and cultural depth and of course, your dazzlingenchanting beauty!

Obviously one can find.

OKCUPID DATA: White Guys and Middle Eastern Women Win. (STRONG INTERESTING)

I am used to being stared at simply and stand out here in India. Maybe growing up in Texas has to do with this? Also, he is a few years younger than I am.

As you can see, race hardly affects how likely you are to be compatible with the other person. A lot of it has to do with their attitudes and lack of understanding and integrating with life in America. They are the most popular group.

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Poles have light feature while Polish women tend to be light. One of the comments in the original article said that minority girls choose OkCupid because they want to date guys of other ethnic groups. DNA is the only piece of functional nanotechnology on the planet, and discounting the absurd amount of power it has over us and thinking ourselves as being vastly superior to nature is what got us into many of the messes we have in Europe and the US.

Such men are not worthy of you or any woman for that matter simply for the fact that they have no respect for women. Most women like to take their time,slow and steady and see how it goes.

I am sorry you had to experience this awful scenario but hopefully, your experiences have been wonderful! Passing judgement on people without knowing a thing about them is a terrible pastime.

What could be better? What about gays and lesbians? I wanted to say that I cannot comment on Indian woman because I am out of touch with them for the past 10 yrs.