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What type of guy am i dating quiz for men, what type of boxer am i ?

What Type of Guy Do You Attract?

Sydni on Apr 2, I would like an emo guy. Parker on Mar 18, By: Lily on Aug 27, Well there this who is angela simmons dating romeo 2018 l kinda like but he too shy to talk to me he try to find where l am he keep staring at me and he so awsome in school By: This guy is so unorganized he constantly lets deadlines slip and screws up the simplest long term plans.

He have to be romantic, caring, smart, faithful, clean, funny, sweet, and warm.

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Jackie on Mar 11, My type of Guy is mysterious, bad to the bone, but is sweet to me. Hannah on Jul 24, He jokes around with me saying mean things but after he always hugs me and tells me he's just joking.

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Tell us how high-maintenance you are and how long it takes you to prep for a date, and we'll get a picture of the type of dude who would try to sweep you off your feet. Nadin on Jan 18, I love the kind, romantic, quiet, and friendly guy.

I also like the skinny muscular sweet romantic kind By: Ariana on Jan 22, i want a guy that's understanding and is very passionate.

Give this guy a pass.

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Our hope is our quizzes and articles inspire you to do just that. Sierra on Jul 7, By: Then we'll turn it around to match your inner workings with the type of guy who would ask to buy you a drink.

Do you want to wait on this guy hand and foot while he takes you more and more for granted? Besides begin cute is he good personitly.

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Actually, yeah he is. Bianca on Dec 15, I wuld love 2 see a guy thats energetic,outspoken,spontaneous,determined and a great kisser who has style and wants to show me off to his friends.

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Maybe you're the lucky type that attracts all sorts of men, but most of us have a certain type that keeps getting drawn to us again and again. Why even give this guy the right of way? I once got a kiss in the gymnasium he is just so sweet and sensitive and extremly SEXY!!

Scarlet on Dec 20, I like a guy who likes me too. I know he wont ask me out because he dosent have the guts well and also because he likes another girl two he likes me and another girl.

Noni on Aug 28, like a guy who is good at what he does.

Perfect Guy Quiz: What Type of Guy is Perfect For You?

We'll be able to take your responses and formulate exactly the type of guy who gravitates toward you. He can't be geeky and he can't be a bad boy. I see him in the corner of a book store, his hair dripping into his eyes reading a book with blood on the front.

Angel on Aug 6, romantic,a little shy, funny,helps me out when i'm sad or feeling alone, forcing me to do things i'm to shy and scared to do, gets jealous easy, cute By: Paige on Oct 11, I luv guys who are always happy, full of energy, cute like a kid, good listener, cute curly blonde hair, and most importantly can make me laugh for real.

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Marian on Jun 5, By: How he talks nothing about himself, and is mysterious. Renae on Nov 11, I like a guy and he likes me. In order to figure out the type of man that finds you irresistible, we are going to take a look at you!

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His family is really nice and our favorite thing to do together is play basketball in the pool. Short light brown hair.

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We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. I want him to ask me questions and care about what I have to say. I like a guy who has blonde hair with brown eyes. Alyssa on Mar 6, I want someone who I can talk to and not feel judged. Somebody who is clean cute.

Whether its a great fact, a joke, a personal experience or an interesting anecdote, please share it with all the human beings on planet earth.

Nana on May 29, By: We want you to look outward and marvel at the world around you. Noora on May 19, Umm I like his to be the type hard to get By: Sydnee on Jun 29, I think I just want a guy that honestly just cares about me.

What was (or you hope to be) your first kiss like?

His older brother likes my older sister even worse they go on dates at the same place same time same day same everything. He loves all sport - especially football and cricket.

Samantha on Nov 20, I enjoy getting kisses on the cheek or lips from him and he is sweet and sensitive like me.

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Taylor on Jul 12, By: