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Later he was transferred to Changi Prison in Singapore. Wounded by machine gun fire, he was eventually captured and sent to a Japanese prisoner of war camp on Java. In Noble House Marlowe is mentioned as having written a novel about Changi which, although fictionalized, is based on real events like those in King Rat.

Set in the yearit tells the story of a bold English pilot whose ship was blown ashore in Japan, where he encountered two people who were to change his life: A very good story for the people who has a love and interest for the asian culture and history Sep 1, Price: John Blackthorne wrecks with his dutch sailing ship near the "Japans".

Clavell's daughter Michaela Clavell appeared briefly as Penelope Smallbone. When asked which character was based on him, Marlowe answers, "Perhaps I'm not there at all", although in a later scene, he admits he was "the hero, of course". Braithwaite 's semiautobiographical book.

Clavell provides a spellbinding depiction of a nation seething with violence and intrigue as it moves from the medieval world to the modern.

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Clavell was educated at Portsmouth Grammar School. Marlowe's ancestors are also mentioned in other Clavell novels.

Duringaged 19, Clavell joined the Royal Artilleryand was sent to Malaya to fight the Japanese. A beautiful woman torn between two ways of life, two ways of love. In dramatizing how a Westerner, the representative man of his time, comes to be altered by his exposure to an alien culture, Mr.

The principal figures are John Blackthorne, whose dream it is to be the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe, to wrest control of the trade between Japan and China from Portuguese, and to return home a man of wealth and position; Toranaga, the most powerful feudal lord in Japan, who strives and schemes to seize ultimate power by becoming Shogun—the Supreme Military Dictator—and to unite the warring samurai fiefdoms under his own masterly and farsighted leadership; and the Lady Mariko, a Catholic convert whose conflicting loyalties to the Church and her country are compounded when she falls in love with Blackthorne, the barbarian intruder.

In Noble House, set two decades later, he is a novelist researching a book about Hong Kong.

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Clavell suffered greatly at the hands of his Japanese captors. ByClavell became a captain, but a motorcycle accident ended his military career. All brought together in an extraordinary saga of a time and a place aflame with conflict, passion, ambition, lust, and the struggle for power.

He enrolled with the University of Birminghamwhere he met April Stride, an actress, whom he married in date of marriage sometimes given as An invincible Japanese warlord.

There he experience the living, politics, culture, religion, samurais and love.