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Vacha Churna 50g Amrita Drugs

In the ayurvedic system vacha is used as a nervine tonic and an anti-stammering drug. It is also known to possess carminative, digestive, diuretic and mildly sedative properties.

Experimental studies have shown that it is a potent psycho-pharmacological agent having a positive effect on the memory and the learning process. It has been described as bitter and pungent in taste and hot, sharp, dry and light in effect.

Though as a psychotropic medicine vacha is beneficial in cases of anxiety and depression, it is best used as a nervine tonic. It alleviates kapha and vata but aggravates pitta. Many ancient texts have described vacha as an anti epileptic and anti-hysteric herb.

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Vacha Acorus Calamus Vacha: In Sanskrit vacha literally means speaking. It is believed that this practice helps the child to be mentally active and vocal.

It is a strongly aromatic, semi-aquatic perennial herb with a ginger-like stem which spreads into the ground. Different varieties of vacha are available in the market, but the best of them is known as ghorha bach. Taking with warm water, half a pinch of the vacha powder works well in the loss of appetite, flatulence, distaste, dull abdominal pain and worms.

Brihat Vaiswanara Churnam

This rhizome part of the plant is of medicinal use. Dry rhizomes of vacha contain a yellow aromatic oil which is volatile. As a household remedy some of the common uses of vacha are as under: As a single drug, the dose of vacha powder is mg to mg.

In many Indian homes, customarily, vacha is administered with honey in a minute quantity to infants on the 11th and 21st days of birth. It also has a bitter substance known as acorin. Ayurvedic texts suggest that it is the premium herb to be used in cases of mental retardation, stupor, syncope and epilepsy.


Combine in equal amounts the powders of vacha, shankhpushpi and brahmi. Laterday acharyas worked to find more of its benefits not only to the brain and the nervous system but also to other parts of the body. Half a teaspoonful of this powder mixed with one teaspoonful of honey, if taken daily, is a good adjunct in the cases of epilepsy and mental retardation.

It is helpful in many other problems like anorexia, chronic gas trouble, hypertension, sluggishness of the liver — and also in skin diseases.

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Classic ayurvedic formulations like sarswatarishta and sarswata churna contain vacha as the chief ingredient and are used for the promotion of memory and also in the treatment of many psychiatric problems.

It is a herb of choice to be used in the case of loud eructations. Vacha botanically known as Acorus calamus; Hindi — Bach is one of the rare medicines which find mention in the Vedas. The powder of vacha and white sandal makes a very effective face-pack in the treatment of blemishes and pimples. Its overdose can induce vomiting and such a situation can be managed by giving the powder of saunf with lime water.