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Urei 7110 compressor/limiter hookup. Urei ln audio compressor limiter manual circa - diyaudio

At 10 milliseconds, the LA-2A can control the attack portion of the program material but it is too slow for sharp transients.

The LA-3A is well suited to Drums, Rock vocals and Guitars, in situations where you want to control the attack portion of the material, and a large portion of the transients as well.

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Myspace dating site facebook is famous for their LN, LA2A, and other vintage classic studio compressors; for a while in the 's, the brand was owned and manufactured by JBL. The LA-2A uses a T4 optical attenuator—this is made up of an electro-luminescent panel an internal light, basicallycoupled with a photoresistor.

Teletronix LA-2A Levelling Amplifier With its fixed attack time of 10 milliseconds, and an automatic release time, this classic dynamics processor is highly effective on rock vocals or bass guitar, and any other situation where you want to adjust and control the attack portion of the instrument.

The CL 1B allows for an attack time of between 0. However it is only designed for line-level input, it will not operate well with your instrument plugged straight in. The super long release time allows you to create a very smooth release, but it is important to note that all the control is driven by transients or early attack.

Anthony Demaria discusses the ADL1500 & ADL1000 (LA2A Urei/Teletronix/UA Replica)

You can reach us toll free at to discuss our findings, opinions, or to retrieve the high resolution audio files from the outputs of the two compressors that were used in the shootout.

As with the and the LA-2A, the Fairchild and are designed to work on the transient, and attack portions of the program material, once again, this makes them well suited to shaping the dynamics of drums, rock vocals, or anything where you have inconsistent attack notes.

The action is capable of being very punchy or very smooth. There are several other features as well, but these along make it effective as a compressor or limiter, on a wide range of sources. This versatility has made the Distressor a modern classic, for those in the know, and if you had to choose just one compressor to handle all dynamics requirements, this one might just do the trick.

Eight vacuum tubes give the ADL its unmistakable richness and depth.

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The uncompromised quality of the ADL and ADL and their continued popularity around the world proves that they not only sound great, but are well-constructed and completely reliable products.

The faithful recreation has 4 vacuum tubes and beautifully made replica transformers. The is more even-sounding from the lows to the highs compared to both the otherswhich makes it seem to have a wider frequency range with no "humps".

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Its "invisible" compression has made the ADL a very in-demand item. The original is well known for being very good on bass, and on electronic drums, to help bring out more punchiness.

Urei 7110 Vintage Pair Compressor/Limiters (2)

The LA-2A is an effective, efficient and easy-to-use design that allows you to create musical results relatively quickly. The CL 1B is a great choice if you want relatively transparent sounding compression on acoustic guitars, or vocals, but it can also be used on mixes, and drums if you choose faster settings.

Well, the best use of a slow compressor is when you wan to focus on, and control, the sustain part of the program material, while leaving the attack portion largely untouched. The sustain portion can be controlled to an extent as well, though at ms, not as much as you could with the API Unfortunately, setting the knob to 2: You can let your ears be your guide, instead.

JBL Urei Limiter / Compressor 7110

The original hardware fills its 6 rack spaces with 20 tubes and 14 transformers, and all that glass and iron gives it a truly analog character. The difference between the two compressors in the shootout was simply no different than one vintageLa2a would likely be to another vintage La2a given the inconsistencies associated with the age And any recapping or repairs.

Compression ratios range from none 1: Even though the settings are not continuously variable, you have a relatively wide range of options. When they just say "it works" you can interpret that to mean "it powers up and passes a signal, but beyond that you are on your own". They offer true RMS level detection, and newer models offer a choice between hard and soft-knee features.

Our Gear - Downtown Sound Recording Studios

Anthony Demaria is one of the foremost experts in opto-compressor repair for original LA2As, and employs everything he knows in to the design and build of the units which continue to be faithful recreations of the original units, to this day, after more than 25 years of production.

His improvements to earlier, noisier, VCA circuits led to the development of the dbx compressor, which set the bar for fast, tight VCA compression, which became the standard for professional units until the vintage craze brought back all those older, flavorful designs.

It features 4 selectable ratios, and a release time of between 50 and milliseconds. This is the other side of the compression coin from the LA-2A. You can reach us toll free at They admit that matching the compression amounts was a real challenge and wasn't perfectbut that the tonal qualities and output of the two units were spot-on within eachother.

The shootout begins with an explanation of the setup, the desire to own brand-new gear for its reliability, and the faithful recreation of the vintage LA2A that is the ADL and ADL, that emulates the design, build, and sound.

It shines on just about anything you run through it.

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It is a very simple and easy mod, you just have to track down the correct model and size of transformer. Where that unit is slow, smooth, and gentle, the is fast, edgy and aggressive.

Used & New by JBL | Solaris

As with any piece of gear, particularly expensive ones, I recommend trying before buying if you can, to make sure it will do what you need it to. Your mileage may vary, but it is always worth a try.

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Ultimately, if you are looking for the sound of the LA2A, but require the reliability of a modern piece of audio equipment, you should look no further. It is an obvious choice on a mix bus, either on a whole mix or on sub mixes such as the drums. These pieces of vintage gear are not created equal though, and some are better suited to one purpose than another.

The compression ratios available are anywhere from 2: The particular response of the light and resistor determines the specific response characteristic of the compressor. Feel free to contact Sound Pure at any time with any questions you have about the ADL products, compression, or anything else, we are all here to help you make your recordings the best that they can be, and get you the best possible gear for your budget.

Vintage LA2A vs. ADL 1000 Tube Compressor Shootout (Universal Audio UREI Teletronix LA-2A)

Why would you want a slow compressor? The is effective on almost anything.

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People disagree about whether the Urei-branded and JBL-branded units are really the same. Fig 1 An original vintage Teletronix LA-2A and the current UA reissue The LA-2A is an optical compressor—as you know, compressors all employ detection and control circuits to determine when signals cross Threshold and apply the appropriate gain reduction.

With long release times as over 1 second being possible, the offers some interesting dynamics shaping options.