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Ufc top 5 intimidating nicknames, 'f*ck your mother'

He laid down —literally laid ufc top 5 intimidating nicknames the middle of a scrap with Anderson Silva. A pioneer of the sport at the lower end of the weight divisions. He looks like a snowman!


Instantly conjuring up suitably grotesque images in your mind, when you look at some of his fallen opponents you can see why the name stuck. Fitting for his powerful explosive striking style, this one easily makes my top ten. Fighting seems to come completely naturally to this guy and his age makes him all the more admirable.

Though the story is kind of sweet, referring to yourself as a high-pitched prepubescent child who sings gospel music in churches is far from intimidating.

He calls out ufc top 5 intimidating nicknames peers, he remains fiercely loyal to his teammates, and he refuses to suffer fools in a fool's game.

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Awesome name for an amazing fighter. Do you think there are worst nicknames in the UFC right now? In his hey-day he knocked people out for fun and there was evil intent in the strikes he was throwing.

UFC Now Ep. Top 5 Intimidating Fighters

Not only tips for dating a banker he scary looking when you were standing face to face, but he comes out there to stand to to toe with you, stay in the pocket and swing for the fences.

The beauty of this one is the setting and the delivery, Diaz anxiously dealing with traffic while his phone records the mayhem. Does Anderson go hard longer than anyone else is able to?

If somehow Anderson does fit more time into his life, which science seems to say is impossible, maybe he can take the extra time to be a little cleverer.

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If this nickname is some clever reference that Berish got past the UFC, it just seems childish. Not by much, this one I'm still on the fence about a bit Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow Justin on twitter at justinhartling. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 worst MMA nicknames: They are generally seen as conniving, sneaky and backhanded little creatures that simply serve themselves.

Does he live in some weird time vortex that allows him to live more life than the rest of us?

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When he loses fights, he still wins in the hearts and minds of his faithful fans and teammates across the globe Diaz 1, 2, 5—wut! He is a scary prospect now that he is taking a more professional approach to his training. In her first fight, Moras came out to the song Cheesecake. This guy is one scary mofo.

Legend has it that as a young lad, Garbrandt would show no love to his opponents and sparring partners.

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Physically, genetically, and with looks alone. But how in the world do you not have him on here? When he wins fights, he does so spectacularly, overwhelming foes with a relentless, volume-heavy attack that is equally dangerous on the feet as it is on the mats.

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Unfortunately his loss to Igor Vovchanchyn in their rematch after the first fight was ruled a no contest due to illegal strikes from Igorstarted a downturn in his performances and his star faded.

When a car beeps at him, he can't contain himself and the world is treated to the No. Chris Cyborg- Scariest woman fighter today. Again a more fitting nickname would be hard to find. The way he talks shit and doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about it, but if Ngannou spoke more clearly and had an attitude like Mike Tyson and showboated a bit the guy would be a Megastar, even bigger than what he is today.

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Silva lures his opponents into his web in the cage and then devours them. But you just know when the moniker just fits, that for me is what makes a great fighter nickname.

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Wanderlai "Axe Murderer" Silva. He talked shit to Carlos Condit mid-title fight more on that in a moment. Although a cyborg would NEVER gas out badly after half a round of swinging haymakers, so there is an argument for this being a bad choice of name, but screw you.

Reknowned for his unfeasibly quick progression through the belts in BJJ it allegedly took him 4 years to get a black belt which is virtually unheard of and the first non-brazilian to win the black belt division of the World JiuJitsu Championships held in Rio de Janeiro.

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Despite winning only twice in his last 12 fights, he remains a legend of the sport. He was always cool under pressure when he was in his prime and even going backwards he had punches that could stretch his opponents out.

WATCH! UFC’s Top 5 Intimidating Fighters

Some nicknames are so good, they become part of who a fighter is. A legit graduate from the school of hard knocks and a great fighter.

That's what makes Diaz so damn beloved. Anyway, time to get to the good stuff.

Ufc top 5 nicknames

Jon Jones 3 kuukautta sitten How is kimbo on no ones list?! THE best staredown in the game and just looking at him is to be intimidated. Like Cyborg, this guys nickname has actually replaced his name in MMA circles. And as a general rule of thumb, you should never associate yourself with Tom Cruise if you want to sound remotely tough.