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Few believe Syriza will not emerge as the first party on 25 January, although in a climate of deepening fear it remains doubtful whether it will be able to muster an outright majority.

Pinterest The Greek prime minister, Antonis Samaras. It initially included the signet of the Pirate Party International. Right to stand for election: Once mocked as a marginal non-conformist with a penchant for funky hairstylesthe young firebrand is seen, even by his enemies, as a talented politician with extraordinary ambition.

Any EU citizen aged 18 or over who is permanently resident in Denmark has full voting rights in Danish elections.

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Danish citizens resident in an EU Member State who have not been deprived of their voting rights by legal decision in Denmark vote. Undoubtedly, this is a historic triumph, not only because of Lopez Obrador's massive advantage over the right-wing opponents in the elections but also because of the social situation in which Mexico finds itself.

The German interest gains on loans from the credit bank for reconstruction amount to 0. At the request of the Greens, the federal government has now announced that the German interest gains on purchases of Greek government bonds amount 3.

Germany's net profit from the 'Aid' for Greece amounts to 2.

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Official campaign starting date: Overall, there is a profit of 3. It caused a legal dispute, followed by an order from the court of Milan on 30 Marchwhich obliged the Marsili's party not to use the Pirate Party symbols in order to protect the name and the symbol of the Italian Pirate Party.

And while polls have persistently portrayed him as being more suitable for the role of prime minister, he is nevertheless part of the traditional ruling class that is perceived to have ruined Greece.

For the three million Greeks now facing poverty, placating creditors means dating a friend s ex fling e-card less than erasing the painful conditions attached to its bailouts.

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No later than four weeks before polling day. Voters may either vote for an entire list or indicate their preference for individual candidates from the lists. But in a country still blighted by the fault lines of a bloody left-right civil war, Tsipras is also seen as a dangerous ideologue.

In an election that will almost certainly be as vicious as it is short, he can tap into the deep wells of discontent elicited by brutal belt-tightening over the last five years.

In this section, the possible writing mistakes of www.listatsipras.eu are shown.

The candidates thus obtaining the highest number of votes are elected. In the last few years alone, more than politicians have been murdered in Mexico. That makes smaller parties — including a new movement launched by the former premier, George Papandreou — potential kingmakers in any future government.

The son of a civil engineer, who lives in a rented apartment in a run-down district of Athens with his high-school sweetheart and two young children, Tsipras belongs to a generation untainted by power.

In the local elections in Rome, the Party initially was intended to elect as its own mayor, Josef Yemane Tewelde named "Jojo", [17] [18] an Eritrean-Italian boy, technically not electable because he didn't have the Italian citizenship. The party runs for local elections in Pioltellounder the name of "Pioltello Pirata", candidating Cosimo Antonio Gervasi as mayor[32] but the list gained preferences 1.

Any EU citizen aged 18 or over and in full possession of his right to stand as a candidate in his Member State of origin is entitled to stand. Yet what is certain is that when voting day comes, the personalities of two very different men will have played a significant role in charting the course of a country in one of its most crucial hours.

Even Domenico Scilipoti ex- People and Territorynow FI tried to join the Pirate movement but he was not accepted, [25] [26] so he decided to be elected again in Berlusconi's party The People of Freedom.

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This victory of the left is the only possible way out of the serious socio-economic, political problems and destruction of democracy in which the Mexican people are immersed. Each voter may vote only once. Voting is not compulsory.

Given the serious events taken place in Nicaragua and the violence carried out by various sectors, the Working Group for Latin America of the Party of the European Left EL urges the Nicaraguans to reach an agreement soon in the Dialogue Table so that the violence ceases and the democracy of the country gains strength without breaking the constitutional continuity.

Postal voting is an option. In Denmark a postal vote must be cast during the three-week period prior to polling day but no later than two weekdays before that day. Some parties inform voters which candidates on the list are supported by them.

Danish citizens resident abroad: Then, it joins the list Repubblica Romana and Sandro Medici as mayor, [19] collecting votes 0.

Election to the European Parliament: This election is historic and represents a change for Mexico, as it has never received so many votes before a presidential candidate.

Initially there was the intention to candidate someone in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia regional elections[20] but it didn't take part to elections.

As the election campaign intensifies it is that image Samaras will seek to convey.

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All votes cast in the various constituencies, both for lists and for individual candidates, are added together. Broadcasting time is agreed between the parties and the television authorities. Campaign expenditure is not subsidised by the state. The will to reform and democratization can not be greater than in the election campaign of prevailing violence against politicians.