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Making sure the hitch pin is safely fastened will also be helpful. Connect safety chains from tab s on hitch to the trailer.

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Buying a bright stick mounted to a magnet can help you keep track of where the trailer coupler is and see when the magnet is clinging to the trailer coupler through your rear window.

Mounting the Trailer The first step is mounting your trailer. Trailers measuring 30 feet or longer require additional yellow sidelights and reflectors mounted near the centre of the unit.

Fifth wheel devices must evenly distribute the weight of the gooseneck trailer over its axles and the axles of the towing vehicle. Similar reflectors must be on each side of the trailer, at the rear, and indicate length. Surge brakes, also called hydraulic brakes, should be independent from the braking system of the towing vehicle.

Dot laws for gooseneck trailers Theresa Custodio Updated March 23, Gooseneck trailers differ from conventional trailers because they connect to the bed of a pickup truck rather than to a traditional hitch, located below the rear bumper.

The trailer should either be lifted on its built-in jack or a floor jack.

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Backing Your Vehicle Up to the Trailer The next step is to safely and accurately back up your vehicle to the trailer. Although it is harder to back up a trailer on your own, it is not impossible. You will need someone who can clearly communicate, verbally and through sign language if the engine is loud.

A fifth wheel assembly should be under 30 speed dating to the frame of the vehicle in a way that does not adversely affect the frame and must not shift during towing. Yellow front side reflectors must be placed on each side of the trailer, as far forward as possible.

Always do your research for more guidance. Two red brake lights are required on the rear of the unit to indicate brake activation. Using the tape and stick together will make it easier to keep the coupler and ball mount in line. Left and right red side marker lights must be mounted as far to the rear as practical.

Step 1: Mounting the Trailer

Plug in trailer light wiring harness to the connector on your vehicle. To do this use a coupler pin or lock to keep coupler in closed position. If the coupler is properly lined up it will be easy to clamp down.

Here is a step by step guide to help you hook up your trailer. Gooseneck trailers that are 80 inches or wider, and have a gross vehicle weight of Kilogram or more, must have red and white side markings on all sides. Called fifth wheels, these trailers are commonly used to transport large animals or flatbed units.

Do not count on your sight alone to make sure the coupler is mounted correctly This is the cause of many breakaway accidents. An emergency breakaway switch is required to activate the trailer brakes automatically should the trailer and towing vehicle become separated.


Brake System Gooseneck trailer braking methods often depend on the type of load you are hauling. Department of Transportation also has laws covering gooseneck trailers. A good indicator of this will be the clamp release lever.

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Avoid using confusing signals such as which direction to turn the steering wheel. The device must incorporate a locking mechanism with a manual method of unlocking.

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Once lined up, the coupler can be lowered onto the ball. If you have a standard trailer hitch, the final connections are simple: The number plate holder also must be illuminated with a white light.

Step 2: Hooking Up The Hitch

Check all lights — brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights, etc. These tips should help you hook up your trailer to your hitch safely and securely. Yellow front sidelights are required on both sides and should be mounted as far forward on the trailer as possible.

To avoid this from happening, be sure to feel the bottom of the tow ball and make sure the clamp is properly gripped on it. At least two turn signal lamps at the rear must indicate the direction of a turn and can be red or yellow in colour.

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This marking is usually reflective tape that must run over at least 50 per cent of the trailer's length. Also, the spotter should always be in clear view of your side view mirror.

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Fifth wheel assemblies must not cause instability in the towing vehicle's steering, braking or other operating capability. Always back up slowly and cautiously to avoid any accidents. It is better to have signals to direct where the rear of your vehicle should go: Take your time and be cautious when backing up.

These lights must be red in colour and be mounted on the rear of the trailer, as far apart as possible.

Trailer Hooking Up

Cross them under trailer coupler to avoid the coupler from falling directly on the ground in the event of a breakaway. Each state has its own regulations for these types of trailers; however, the U.

Use this jack to drop the coupler onto the tow ball. Coupling Device By design, coupling devices for gooseneck trailers must tow the trailer in a straight line when on a flat, paved surface.

Red reflectors should be placed on the rear of the trailer, as far apart as possible, to mark the trailer's width.

The path of the trailer cannot deviate from the vehicle towing the trailer by more than 3 inches.

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Most states require a separate braking system for trailers with a loaded weight of more than Kilogram. If there is an excessive amount of resistance from the clamp release lever then it is probably not lined up correctly on the ball.

Establish signals that are clear and easy to understand before backing up. To this you must line up the trailer hitch trailer ball under the coupler. Certain states require brakes on each axle of a multiple axle trailer.

There are a just a few connections that need to be made, depending on the type of hitch you have. If electronic brakes are used, the towing vehicle must have a control unit near the driver and provide brake operation either automatically or manually. Backing up with a spotter is best done with someone who is careful and observant.

Double-check that coupler clamp and release latch are hooked securely. To remind you where the hitch is, you can place a piece of tape on the center of your rear window.