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In the song, the singer has fallen in love with a woman who lives in the apartment directly below him but has no clue as to her interest, so he asks her to respond by either knocking three times on the ceiling yes or banging twice on the pipe noand the chorus includes sound effects of the two choices.

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Tony Orlando & Dawn Knock Three Times

Dolly Parton performed the song on a episode of her variety series Dolly! The song was covered by Billy "Crash" Craddock in and became a number three country hit. Upon release, the song, produced as Orlando had envisioned became a great success. Appropriately enough, the troopers stumble upon some information regarding a group of marijuana dealers operating along the border; the guys figure this is just the sort of high-profile bust that could save their careers, but the police department of a nearby town gets wind of the troopers' plans.

What is Knock Three Times Lyrics

Cassavitis cut the track under the name "Tony Orlando", having to do the studio eurofos rendez vous datingsite on the "down low" to ensure that his current record label wouldn't become aware.

Super Troopers was written by the five-man comedy troupe Broken Lizard, who also star as the five troopers; the group's leader, Jay Chandrasekhar, directed. When Governor Jessman Lynda Carter announces massive budget cuts for Vermont law enforcement personnel, things look bad for the troopers and they must quickly prove their worth or they'll be forced to look for real jobs.

Mac Steve LemmeThorny Jay ChandrasekharFoster Paul Stoterand Rabbit Erik Stolhanske are four Vermont state troopers whose dedication to duty is not exactly an inspiration to law enforcement officers everywhere.

The Earlville police are no friends of the troopers, and they set out to ruin their moment of glory.

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The song registered well at Adult Contemporary stations, reaching 2 on Billboard's "Easy Listening" survey. Stationed in a small town near the Canadian border, the troopers don't have much to do, so they while away their hours smoking dope and harassing hapless motorists.

O'Hagan Brian Coxlikes the boys and they try to keep their more outrageous antics out of his earshot, but they often run afoul of fellow trooper Farva Kevin Heffernanwho insists on doing things by the book.

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A handful of state troopers are put in the uncomfortable position of having to actually enforce the law in this high-spirited comedy. Russell Brown and Irwin Levinewere thinking of the song Up on the Roof and they wanted to write a song with that kind of lyrical flavor, about tenement living.

The single hit number one on the Billboard Hot in January and eventually sold six million copies. Several Larry Craig -themed parodies all titled "Tap Three Times" were recorded by various artists such as Paul and Storm and The Capitol Steps in following the senator's sex scandal in which he was arrested for tapping his foot to allegedly solicit sex in a public airport restroom.

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However, the song never states her response. The Captain Brian Cox warns the troopers about their shenanigans, but it doesn't do much good.

Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Their superior officer, Capt.