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But other than that I have no plans at this point.

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Steve Walsh came through Khalil at Escape, Jeff Paris I think I met on Facebook haha, for Jimi Jamison I was asked to put together a backing band for so we could play Firefest in and the very first show we did after only one rehearsal is the dvd already classic live DVD!!! But Summer Rains is absolutely one of his finest moments and he nailed the whole song from start to finish in one first take!!!

And often when I work with these great singers on their albums we trade favors, I play for them and they sing tommy denander radioactive dating me so I go through what song I have to see if one fits them and if not I usually get inspired and write something new.

It was Khalil at my label Escape who asked me if I would like to have him him and i was so happy when he said yes!!

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This features a stellar cast of melodic rock vocalists including the late, great Jimi Jamison, Jeff Paris, Steve Walsh of Kansas fame and more.

Bob and Alice flew me to Nashville, Phoenix and Los Angeles to write and do pre production, which is also why i ended up being a salvation army dating rules guest with The Hollywood Vampires twice of course! So I put together a great band of Swedish musicians and we did 14 shows in 13 days!

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I had worked with Jimi on a few albums before that but it was the first time we met and we just became like brothers instantly! How did the tour with Robin Beck go?

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I wrote this with Ricky Delin as well as many tommy denander radioactive dating the songs on the album. Feels very strong and important to have Fergie and Jimi on this album and they both leave a huge mark on their great legacy with these songs I think.

When in a touring band do you have many rehearsals or does the band gel on the road? This song was recorded in my studio during that first week and I think he is amazing on it.

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Give Me Your Loving — James Christian James is a very dear friend and we toured together and done many albums together including I think 4 House Of Lords, Robin Beck, his solo album, earlier Radioactive and a few other things as well.

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I can finally tell you about this amazing album i've been working on!!!! Bobby and I had talked for many years about doing live shows together so I asked him if I could book a tour of Sweden while he was here which he loved.

Which vocalists would you still like to work with if given the chance? He did one of his best vocals ever on this song and he loved it so much that he begged me several times to let him have it for his solo album but i had to keep it for my album.


He is just a music genius! In the very last week of mixing I got an email from Kevin Chalfant who asked me if there was any chance he could be part of this album and how cool is that, he is a monster singer and a really nice guy!! I've been a die hard Alice Cooper fan since so being asked to co write All the lead vocals were done but he gladly agreed to do the backing vocals on this song and damn what a killer job he did!

When Fergie passed away I knew it was the right moment to do it so i rebuilt the track and made it better and his vocal is just so good!

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So I just did this song in about 20 minutes and the quick mix I did is what you hear here. I co wrote this with Ricky Delin and Bobby. She really is one of the absolutely best female rock singers in the world and proves once again on this smash hit!!!

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Me and Dan got together and started touring around the world just the 2 of us playing acoustic shows and we had a really magical vibe going on. I had the honor of playing on Alice last album "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" in but i did that in the very last part of them making the album and it was mostly clean guitars on the ballad "I Am Made Of You".

An top class rock singer and I knew this song would be perfect for him!!! Plus he is a really sweet human who truly cares. So not long after that we did our first tour of Japan with Bobby, Fergie, Bill Champlin and Steve Augeri which was a dream come true on so many levels.

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We recorded the basic tracks at the wonderful Oceanway studio in Nashville with Larry Mullen jr from U2 on drums which turned out fantastic, me and Tommy Henriksen on guitars, Bob Ezrin on Hammond organ, Jimmie Lee Sloas as main bass player and original Alice Cooper Band bassist Dennis Dunaway joining us on the last day for some very special stuff.

The lyrics are brilliant and he sings it like few I know. If you like kick ass, guitar riff driven rock in the style that Alice did in the 70's your dreams are about to come true!!! I love all kinds of music which is why I became a session guy.

With Radioactive any plans to play any live shows or use the songs in a solo show? I've never been more proud and excited about an album than this one! How did the Legends of Rock idea come about and any plans to play the UK at all? After that tour I started thinking about how cool it would be to do another tour and involve Fergie, just the thought of having 2 Toto singers doing their greatest songs with my band was amazing…but what if we had 3…or even 4 of these great singers and each guy did his 5 biggest hits only?

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It was done a loving tribute to Gary but it is also dedicated to my dad who passed away inJimi and Fergie of course and a new friend Chris who was a fan from England and who I became friends with during his last year in life before he passed recently from cancer….

The original Alice Cooper Band with Neal Smith, Dennis and Michael Bruce recorded some new songs as well and i'm extremely proud to be playing on those songs as well.

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Bobby loved the band so much that he wanted us to be the official Bobby Kimball Band. All my love to you!!