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The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 16: Welcome to the Tombs

Carl is not pleased with the situation, and ignores his father's attempts to speak with him. Andrea asks for a gun, and Michonne tearfully stays with her as the rest of the group. Rick and Tyreese realize that Andrea didn't reach the prison and could still be in the town, and move to investigate.

Elsewhere, Michonne thanks Rick for not going through with the deal and allowing her to stay with the group.

The Governor orders Milton to gather his tools and kill Andrea, but Milton instead attacks the Governor. Hershel leaves behind a bible with a passage highlighted for the attacking Woodbury army to read.

She explains to Tyreese how the Governor killed everyone and tells him to stand down. The only thing she can say to Rick and the others is "I abbonamenti metrebus online dating. Carl is eager to take part, and boasts about his kill.

Andrea grabs the pliers with her feet then drops them. Andrea's efforts to warn the prison group about The Governor's attack over the past three episodes end with both her and Milton dead.

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As the civilians file off a school bus, Carl asks why they're letting more people in. Andrea tells Rick she knows who how the safety works when requesting a gun from him, echoing her line in "Wildfire" when she said the same thing to him. It only works because he had ran out of ammo while delivering headshots to the gunned-down people so they wouldn't become walkers.

Rick's group finds the aftermath of the Governor's roadside massacre. Inside, Milton lies dead and Andrea huddles against the wall. Rick and the others return to the prison - this time, with the remaining citizens of Woodbury and Andrea's body.

Her neck has been ravaged.

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Smoke grenades go off and the prison alarm sounds. In the interrogation room, Andrea works to grab the pliers with her feet, then realizes that Milton has died. Without suffering a single fatality, the attackers panic and rout, jumping in their vehicles and fleeing back to Woodbury.

Hershel indicates that the soldier was just a boy, while Carl says the boy drew on them and was forced to act. As Andrea explains how she tried to stop The Governor, she reveals that she was bit on the shoulder.

The group moves further into the corridors, only to be surprised when several smoke grenades go off and the alarms sound. Milton tries to attack The Governor, only to be stabbed in the gut and left to turn in the room with Andrea. As he's putting his gun down to surrender, Carl shoots him.

The Governor not only leaves a bleeding-out Milton to kill Andrea, but also slaughters virtually his entire army, then drives off without any consequences. When Milton attacks Andrea, the action and gunshot can only be heard as the camera moves back from the door to the room.

The heavily-promoted prison assault ends with the attackers fleeing, while most of the casualties were nameless Woodbury soldiers who were gunned in a single scene by The Governor himself. Rick and the others decide to chase down the Governor.

At the prison, the group loads up supplies in their cars while they get ready to leave. The Governor attacks with a barely-trained group of civilians who've never fought humans before. Milton asks Andrea why she stayed in Woodbury after learning her friends were alive.

In Woodbury, Milton is brutally beaten by The Governor for burning the walker pit. You Have Failed Me: The last part of the episode. Rick tries to talk to Carlbut Carl ignores him.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 16

Incensed, The Governor opens fire and massacres the civilians as Shumpert and Martinez look on horrified. Carl, Hershel and Beth watch the battle from the nearby forest, then see a young soldier run towards them. Carl believes that the Woodbury soldier wasn't going to surrender, while Hershel believes the boy would give up his weapon.

Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Meanwhile, Rick and the survivors pack up the prison and load supplies into the cars. As Daryl mourns his brother, Carol praises Merle for improving their odds against the Governor. He and Sasha agree they may have to slip out when the Governor returns. Michonne cries as Andrea insists on shooting herself.

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Outside, Rick, Daryl and Tyreese hear a gunshot. Enraged, the Governor opens fire and slaughters them. Back in Woodbury, the Governor assembles his troops. The prison group abandons the place but leave a trail of clues that leads the attackers into a bottleneck, where they're ambushed.

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Carl orders the boy to drop his weapon, although the latter insists on handing it over. Karen, the lone survivor, approaches them with her hands raised.

He tells her to stab him in the head once she cuts herself free. The Governor proceeds to shoot several of the residents to stop them from reanimating, only to run out just before he shoots at a corpse which the only surviving civilian, Karen, is hiding under.

The Woodbury residents refuse to fight, insisting the prison is not worth their lives.