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The friends decide to unmask the unknown persons called the "alphas" threatening Uncle Quentin. The children are told to keep their eyes open but not to interfere. Around a corner of the house a man is secretly taking pictures of Uncle Quentin.

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They want the police to arrest the pretending bird watchers and try to prove that they are fake. Miller it becomes obvious, that she hides Timmy, who isn't allowed to stay in the Kirrins' house. The next morning the children are served some porridge-like stuff for breakfast, which they don't really like.

Chapter 8 With the secret agent We learn that the secret service does not know who is after Uncle Quentin and his work, but Uncle Quentin refuses to receive help from the secret service. Whilst that George is hitting a punching bag, when her mother tells her to be friendly to their upcoming guests.

Chapter 18 The black wire In the literally last second Dick finds the black wire and cuts it through saving all of them from being blown up.


Timmy and the three others arrive at George's prison cell and the friends are reunited. It is the man, who formerly took pictures of Uncle Quentin. Timmy runs through the tunnel back to the onshore and after the bus.

Suddenly the man who has hunted them appears. The villains are brought to prison by Agent Turner. Whilst that Julian, Dick and Anne enter the bus bringing them home.

Chapter 11 on the hovercraft Accidentally Julian and Dick start the hovercraft and speed through the harbour bay unable to get it under control.

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The agent then examines the cave on his own. As PC Hansen has signed the fine order it is now clear, that he must be one of the villains. Then Dick and Anne try to pull up Julian, but are unable to hold the rope.

George spends the evening alone by the sea where she meets Timmy.

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They follow the man to a hotel, where he has rented a room. Both policemen don't seem to be very smart. George never was on Kirrin Island. While George and Anne are distracting the bird watchers Julian and Dick get on the hovercraft.

On the way to the cave Anne notices a man, who installs a video camera in the dunes to spy on Kirrin Island.

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George is arrested in a cell under the lab and Timmy runs away. George is persuaded by her mother to do a cycling tour with the three and she wants to take them to the "Teufelsfelsen" Devil's Rock.

The friends are unaware of that and conclude to find out the author of that signature by their own, because that must be one of the villains. They follow Timmy through the tunnel and back on the island.

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Chapter 10 The lab on the island On the island Uncle Quentin is working on his invention, almost forgetting to send the blip to George. Julian accuses her, that it was her idea to sabotage the hovercraft, what got them into that big trouble, and George runs out of the room seeming to end the friendship with Julian, Dick and Anne.

After that George takes the others to their secret place, an abandoned shipwreck, that she has equipped all on her own. Being asked what her father's research is about she says, that she could tell them, but then had to kill them right after.

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Chapter 5 Blip George is upset and tries to convince her mother that Uncle Quentin might be in danger. Dick shows the piece of paper he picked up in the cave and George finds out, that there is an imprint of a signature on it and she makes it readable.

By the way she learns from the policemen that the bird watchers want to visit Kirrin Island.