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StreetPass is utilised to exchange Stylist Cards, [6] which contains personalised information about your character and offers a link to the player's Web Shop.

AR card packaged with the system to take augmented reality photographs using characters and props from the game.

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Ingrid is a makeup artist who works at her grandmother's old studio near the player character's boutique. The number of virtual boyfriends is literally unlimited.

Fashion Design World

With immersive gameplay, lots of exciting characters, and smooth controls, Style Savvy: In this new mode, you'll be able to create your own perfect date — complete valery aginsky ink dating spiky hair, skinny jeans and non-threatening vacant expression — and spend some quality time with him in the land of your dreams.

Through the game, you have an opportunity to become a fashion superstar by satisfying your customers. All of this will be included in style savvy trendsetters dating simulator new version of the game, but existing users will be able to update their copies for gratis on March 26th via the 3DS eShop.

A player's Web Shop allows them to customise a store front and create three outfits to sell to others, garnering additional money in-game. Trendsetters is a fashion store management simulation game which primarily involves selecting clothing pieces for customers as per their needs and climbing up the ladder of being a fashion superstar.

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It is the 3rd brilliant installment in the series Style Savvy: On April 17th, a new edition will be released which contains a raft of new features, the most interesting of which has to be the "Dream Boyfriend" mode.

Using the Nintendo 3DS wireless local play, players can compete with up to three others in a Wireless Fashion Show which pits players against one another to create an outfit that best matches a particular theme or style.

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Retrieved 9 April Trendsetters is the fantastic game to play. There will be a variety of romantic locations to visit and if you get bored then you can claw off his pretty little face and remodel it into something new.

Trendsetters Add Comment Style Savvy: Trendsetters for Nintendo 3DS". Unleash your creativity and tell the inhabitants about your fashion sense by showing your unique and fabulous designs.

Dream Mining

You can change your furniture, decorations, and take part in multiple events to show off your abilities. These screenshots can then be exported to the SD card. Gameplay[ edit ] Style Savvy: Card-carrying members of the Nintendo Girls Club are going to totes love it, y'all.

The Nintendo Network allows players to connect to the Fashion Plaza, [6] where one can create and access others' Web Shops.

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There's no word on whether or not these modes will also be added to the western version of the game but the moment we know, you'll know, because the screams of delight from the Nintendo Life office will surely be audible all over the globe.

Attract as many customers as possible and climb up the ladder of success. Trendsetters is a game which is unashamedly aimed at female players, and in Japan it's getting an update that is sure to get pulses racing.

Celeste is a hairstylist. Harris is the owner of a local furniture shop. One addition to this sequel is the introduction to various choices of men's fashion's The game also makes use of the various 3DS features.

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Avery is an ex-model who gives the player advice. Emmylou is an ex-employee of Mira Luna who frequently shops there.

MC Mode is an announcer who hosts fashion contests. There's also an Augmented Reality studio to mess about it, and characters such as Daisy the florist and former co-worker Emmylou will crop up for more fashion-related fun.

AR Photo Op [6] is an additional mode which utilises the? The game rewards you with points and cash that you can use to purchase an apartment, new accessories, and clothes.

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