Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch Blanket - Free Pattern ⋆ Look At What I Made Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch Blanket - Free Pattern ⋆ Look At What I Made

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Check out the last pic below. Insert hook on top of dc nearest to loop of Yarn A yarn is behind work and pull a loop through top of dc. Included at the site are 2 charts for cats, a panther, dinosaur, frogs, bats, angels and more.

As Row 2 — 49 55, 61 dc, 48 54, 60 ch2-sps Row These three sites alone have so many graphs to choose from, you are sure to find just what you'd like to use.

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P6, W7, Habostorta online dating, Pinc 18 sts Row Keep you tension loose!

This pattern is for unlimited personal use only. You can even print your own graph paper. Skipping the very first vertical bar, insert your hook into the next vertical bar and pull up a loop.

Sc 33, inc 35 sts Now we will start the neck.

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Change to Yarn B. Dec, sc 17 18 sts Row Pink green 27 sts Rows White grey 27 sts Rows By using them you support my blog. I made my fringe all the same colour but I think a multi-colour finge would look great as well! Ch 2 Photo 1. This is easy, as long as you remember to never turn your piece of work.

Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch Blanket Pattern

Repeat rows for the second panel. Dec twice, sc 13 15 sts Tie off.

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As Row 2 — 46 52, 58 dc, 45 51, 57 ch2-sps Row 7. Ch 1 so yarn over and pull through one loop — see Photos 4 and 5.

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At the end of the row, rather than turning the piece, work single crochets to the right rather than to the left like you would usually do. Your Whirl Dress is now finished!!!

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Sc across 4 sts Row 7: I wouldn't be able to part with it. Tapestry crochet better fits the technique, because you end up with a beautiful tapestry that looks like it was woven on a loom.

Carol has also created several videos besides the one shown here that will teach you how to use beads with your work and many other advanced techniques. It is completed a little differently than other methods.

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Do NOT just follow the Instructions below. The free crochet pattern was done using the puff stitch. Keep pulling up loops until you have worked into all the vertical bars including the very last one.

Inc twice 4 sts Rows Work away your tails.

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This will help to keep the colour change gradient, but in another direction. Sc across 15 sts Row You should now have 4 loops on your hook Photo 5. I have no interest in it.

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The technique has been around for years, but Carol Ventura has made it popular in the US. Now is time to work on the other side.

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Diagram Please follow this diagram when deciding which section to work next. Insert your hook into the diagonal bar at the end of Ending Corner Row 8 indicated with an arrow in Photo 3 and pull up a loop.

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Was so easy and fun to make it. I plan to in the future. Your finished piece will be a work of art.

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Tassels make 2 in light weight cotton yarn: Then when you start the next row, work to the right again. You should now have 10 loops on your hook Photo 1. You can ask any questions that you have there. You should have 10 loops on your hook Photo Work the rounds continuously i.

If the strands start winding around each other, you'll have to unwind them. Sc 15 15 sts Rows Pull up a loop in the diagonal stitch at the end of Ending Corner Row 1 already contains a stitch.