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Features full length Velcro closure for ease of maintenance or replacement. Replaceable feed cable liner reduces parts cost and service time by allowing a simple means of removing and replacing liner and not the complete feed cable.

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Barrel comes standard with Roughneck consumables. Standard features include a wire run-in control and a drive motor acceleration control which ensure optimum arc starting Spool Brake Thumbnut Grasp spool in one hand and turn while adjusting spool brake thumb- nut. Routine Maintenance Y Disconnect power Maintain more often before maintaining.

Head Tube Liner 3. Installing Gas Supply Obtain gas cylinder and chain to running gear, wall, or other station- ary support so cylinder cannot fall and break off valve. A Complete System Consists of the Following: Spool Cut welding wire off at contact tip. Quick-change, single-turn contact tip provides excellent performance and ease of replacement.

Wire Spool Loosen wire from spool, cut off bent wire, and pull 6 in mm pancho cachondo yahoo dating wire off spool. Setscrew Current Pick-Up Tab This tab helps prevent burnback caused by welding arcs inside the contact tip. Controls Trigger Press trigger to energize welding power source contactor if applica- blestart shielding gas flow, and begin wire feed.

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Spoolmatic Gun The Spoolmatic Pistol Grip Gun is an industrial, well-balanced spool gun and features a built-in gas valve, rotatable canister, all-wire dual groove drive roll and 15 ft 15A or 30 ft 30A cable reach.

Gas flow blows dust and dirt from valve. Replacing Contact Tip Adapter, Troubleshooting When used with a CV source, it functions as a constant-speed circuit. See pages 3 and 4 for a complete aluminum system.

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Gun Drive Assembly Maintenance Hardwire Liner Kit for Steel and Stainless Easy access to drive assembly and removable head tube reduces service time by allowing a simple means of changing drive rolls and head tube or performing routine maintenance without disassembly of gun.

Wire Speed Control Use control to adjust wire feed speed. Also has new full leather cable cover with full length Velcro closure for easy maintenance.

Improved power block on Spoolmatic. Air-Cooled Assembly Kit 2.

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Trigger hold reduces fatigue by allowing operator to weld without holding trigger. If tab is removed, a smaller di- ameter contact tip is recom- mended. Outer Insulating Jacket 7. Pressure Roll Assembly Lift arm and open pressure roll assembly.

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See page 5 for optional Roughneck and Bernard consumables. For Spoolmatic or XR Guns. Installing Gas Supply This tab may be re- moved to provide an insulated drive roll. Cylinder Valve Remove cap, stand to side of valve, and open valve slightly. Gun Drive Assembly Maintenance Retract wire onto spool.

XR-Pistol Grip Gun only. Install new o-ring and adapter, and tighten setscrews. Thumbscrew Canister Cover Loosen thumbscrew and remove cover. Guns are warranted for 1 year, parts and labor.

Miller Spoolmatic Spool Gun 30A

Standards for welding equipment. Nozzle Pull wire out nozzle. Includes gas hose, control cord, and weld power cable with International-style insulated connector. Barrel Pistol Insulator 6. Retract wire onto spool and secure. For shielding gas preflow and post- flow, lightly press trigger before and after welding.

Leather Cable Cover 15 ft 4. Head Tube Air-cooled 5.