Spirytus Rektyfikowany definition | What does Spirytus Rektyfikowany mean? Spirytus Rektyfikowany definition | What does Spirytus Rektyfikowany mean?

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The purity of rectified spirit has a practical limit of View Grape Variety Eau-de-Vie Eaux-de-Vie in the plural is French for "water of life" and refers to a wide variety of fruit-based distilled beverages.

Rectified spirit is typically distilled in continuous multi-column stills at 96— The most distinctive style, perhaps, is that flavored with hierochloe odorata bison grasswhich has a cinnamon-like odor thanks to the fragrant coumarin compound present in the grass.

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Kirsch is a cherry-based spirit originating in Germany, while Slivovitz is the name spirytus rektyfikowany online dating to plum-based spirits from eastern Europe. Jump to navigation Jump to search Rectified spirit made in Poland by Polmos Rectified spirit, also known as neutral spirits, rectified alcohol, or ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin [1] is highly concentrated ethanol which has been purified by means of repeated distillation, a process that is called rectification.

Various examples have their own titles, while still falling under the category of eau-de-vie: Coumarin is also responsible for the aromatic qualities of vanilla grass, sweet woodruff and cinnamon. Although viniculture is very much in its infancy here, and has yet to make any mark on international markets, it is nonetheless under way.


Wine-Searcher also produces detailed reports for market insights into the industry. The fruits used to make eaux-de-vie are commonly orchard fruits such as apples, pears, plums, cherries and blackberries.

In some countries e. Indiadenatured alcohol or denatured rectified spirit may commonly be available as "rectified spirit", but it is poisonous and ingestion can be fatal. Such a product made from grain is "grain neutral spirit", while such a spirit made from grapes is called "grape neutral spirit", [3] or "vinous alcohol".

Rectified spirit

As a consumer product, it is almost always mixed with other beverages to create such drinks as punchor is sometimes added to cocktails in place of vodka or rum and is used in Jello shots.

Neutral spirits can be produced from grain, corn, grapes, sugar beets, sugarcane, tuber, or other fermented plant material. It is sometimes drunk undiluted; however as the alcohol is very high-proof, overconsumption can cause alcohol poisoning more quickly than with more traditional distilled spirits.

In particular, large quantities of neutral alcohol are distilled from wine.

Rectified spirit

An eau-de-vie made exclusively from Williams pears is ca Northern Poland, where Gdansk meets the icy Baltic Sea, has a temperate maritime climate. The resulting beverage is bottled at somewhere between 35 percent and 50 percent ABV.

The production process for eaux-de-vie is very similar to that for most other spirits; the raw material is harvested, crushed and fermented, and the resulting must distilled in order to separate impurities from the alcohol.

Vodka is Poland's most famous alcoholic beverage, and has been part of the national heritage for more than years.