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Song so hee dating. Kim so hee & song yuvin – 우연한 일들 lyrics [hangul + romanization] - klyrics

She won the grand prize in the contest and became the youngest grand prize winner in the 29 years of the contest's history.

김소희 & 송유빈 (Kim Sohee & Song Yuvin) – Lyrics Let’s Fight Ghost OST Part 3

Inthe government chose her as " Best Korean of the Year ", an yearly award for someone who has graced and enriched the nation. Many of them were stunned by her performances and fell in love with her and minyo.

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Her appearance on Star King in led her to another important training opportunity from Master Lee Ho-yoenwho is a specialist in Gyeonggi minyo.

Sinceshe has been invited to perform at official events and a variety of culture exchange events in various countries including JapanRussiathe United Statesand so on.

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She sang songs such as "Changbu Taryeong", "Taepyongga", " Arirang ", "Batnori", "Gunbam Taryeong", and "Battuiwara" on these programs and became more famous.

Also, her Bangulmok, a singing technique of Korean traditional music is exquisite" [8] Sinceshe has been invited to perform at various events, both at home and abroad.

She has one younger sister, Song So-yeong.

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She has high-pitched voice tone and it's a clear, ringing voice which is essential for singing minyo. When she was five years old, her parents enrolled her in a gugak academy to develop her singing skills.

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She is the eldest daughter of Song Geun-yeong, her father, and Yang Bok-rye, her mother. Some of those are Korea-Japan Culture Exchange incelebration of 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korean and Russia inKorean Festival inand Opening events of Korean Cultural Center India in Having been impressed by So-hee's talent, Master Lee volunteered to provide training for her on a regular basis.

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Her performance left a deep impression upon the viewers. She also has an extraordinary sense of pitch which enables her to learn new songs with ease.

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She learned to play traditional Korean percussion instruments under samul nori master Lee Gwang-su. Song's popularity rapidly spread around the world due to her online videos and also the online replay services of South Korean TV programs she performed at, allowing people around the world to watch her performances.

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