More than 80% of UN aid convoys in Syria blocked or delayed | World news | The Guardian More than 80% of UN aid convoys in Syria blocked or delayed | World news | The Guardian

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The current fighting faction are: There has been no indication the United States would coordinate with Syria itself. Syria Map To learn more about the background of the Syrian Civil War and the major factions of the war you can click here: The Syrian government has rejected the creation of safe zones, favored by rebel backers including Qatar, which could ratchet up U.

The United Nations also rejects safe zones, saying conditions in Syria, where battles rage on between multiple sides, are not suitable.

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The convoys had the potential to providepeople with food, water and sanitation supplies, but the UN and its partners were prevented from taking everything they wanted.

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From the convoy bound for Talbiseh, surgical supplies, burns and midwifery kits and medicines were removed during loading. Assad repeated that he would leave power if voted out by the Syrian people, and would consider an early presidential election after parliamentary polls are held.

World powers involved in the Syrian conflict have pushed diplomatic efforts to end the war, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people and created millions of refugees. More than people already died in the civil war in Syria which is ongoing for more than seven years. Part of the reason why the conflict in Syria is so complicated is because of the huge diversity of ethnic and religious groups living there.

More than 12 million people were expelled from their homes because of the battles between various factions.

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The rivalries and tensions between these groups play an important role in the war. One was destined for al-Rastan, 14 miles 23km north of Homs, but turned back after reports that the route was being bombarded. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: The armed conflict then turned into a proxy war between various countries seeking for power in the middle east.

Assad also dismissed a report by Amnesty International which said up to 13, prisoners had been executed at a military jail in Damascus since Assad has cautiously welcomed the new U. We are in contact with many people living in Syria and Iraq.

These people provide information about the current circumstances in the conflict areas.

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Almost half the planned medical supplies were not approved for the trip to Moadamiyah al-sham. Forces fighting for the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Initially, the Syrian government wanted to remove President Donald Trump, according to a transcript from an interview with Yahoo News released on Friday. Trump has not provided details about the proposed safe zones, except to say he would have the Gulf states pay for them.

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Much of the conflict is focused on a number of separate battles being waged against Islamic State: The Syrian government would not allow the loading of vegetable seeds and surgical items destined for al-Waer. From the convoy for Madaya and Zabadani, 1. Pinterest The aftermath of an airstrike on Tariq al-Bab, an area north-east of Aleppo, where bombardment has continued.

Background Information Website Tags: Hundreds of groups fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Assad rejects safe zones in Syria: Yahoo News interview

Five of the convoys reached these six areas. One convoy also went to the hard to reach town of Talbiseh. The places that have received deliveries are the besieged areas of Moadamiyah al-sham, Madaya, Zabadani, Foua, Kafriya and al-Waer.