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Single girls guide to valentines day cards. The single girl's guide to valentine's day |

I take it out on the treadmill!

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One Valentine's Day I went to a Supercross race Order the restaurants themed V-Day dessert. Helen Fisherwho works with Match. One Valentine's Day I went to a dinner theater with a group of friends—girls and guys.

One Valentine's Day I went to a party where only singles were invited.

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They are very popular. Don't go on a bitter rage and start hating on every couple you come across. More Valentine's Day Ideas: In previous years I made vows to never leave my house for any reason on Valentine's Day.

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So, before you begin the annual panic attacks, freak outs, breakdowns, meltdowns and all other trainwreck like behavior. Grab lunch with a friend or go alone.

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Since Patti and the Millionaire Matchmaker sprang onto our screens, matchmakers have become the new personal trainers. And if they are good enough for Kate Moss… Get out there and mingle.

The Single Girl’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Sounds gross, but it was so much fun. As well as offering a female friendly place to shop they run classes to put you at the top of your sexual game for when Mr.

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Right does come knocking. Yes, Valentine's Day has rolled around once again, rubbing salt into the wound of being single through the holiday season.

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So, what did I do you ask? Send flowers to your fellow single friend at work. Now go plan to enjoy your day. But all is not lost, rather than writing off the celebration as a money making scam by the card industry, lets embrace St.

Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day: 15 Ways to Have the Best Night Ever

I make my friends and family Valentine's Day goodie bags. Instead, channel all that energy and do something productive like hitting the gym to get that killer Victoria's Secret bod, or plan a fun and flirty night out with your single pals!

The thought of seeing co-workers receive gift baskets, roses, candy and large teddy bears holding hearts with I love you written on them just made me downright sick. Have your stylist give you a blowout and add a few curls or go for the Feathered Farrah. I get Valentine's Day flowers from my dad and cards from my friends—because it's all about love in every relationship, right?

Luxe towels ... because who needs a wedding registry?

Do your sexiest laugh out loud all night, smile, be cute, and have fun. Call up your single gal pals and have a fabulous Girls Night Out!!!

After all it's you that defies your happiness and how you spend not just Valentine's Day but each day of your life. Get a Deep Tissue or Swedish massage, almost all Spas offer these two if nothing else.

Pamper yourself

I live near the beach so weather is usually kind during the midday. Head to the spa and get a yummy facial try the avocado if your spa has it. SarkissianFacebook post Sigh with relief.

Surprisingly me, a bunch of snacks, and a good Lifetime movie marathon wasn't so bad lol but I knew, it was unhealthy for me to allow one day out of the year to send me into such reclusion.