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After that, the students are divided into four teams. The first player to get rid of all their picture cards wins the game. Tom went fishing last week.

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The next student then picks up a time card and asks the player on their right what they were doing at that time yesterday and so on.

The students then write a story about a dream using the past continuous and past simple.

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I knew the answer. The student does this by thinking of an activity associated with the picture. She was having lunch when visitors arrived. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Such objects… be swallowed by children.

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I… speak Arabic fluently when I was a child and we lived in Morocco. For irregular verbs, use the correct past tense form in positive sentences. Well, I was trying to read last night around That one action simple past interrupted a continuing action past continuous Examples. Everyone starts miming or doing the action on their card and the student outside comes in.

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The round finishes when the turn comes back around to the first student. The students then play a game to practice the past continuous tense.

Past continuous games, worksheets, stories and songs

The students continue for a few more seconds, then stop. This tense form is also used to talk about events happening at the same time that something important happened in the past. The class is divided into groups of 14 and each student is given a sentence card.

Sometimes we use both the simple past and the past continuous together to mean. Here are some reminders about how to make the simple past and past continuous: If they think the sentence is wrong, they challenge the student.

I was reading at 6 yesterday evening. Fill the gaps with modal verbs There are plenty of tomatoes in the fridge. I not to play the piano yesterday. Simple Past Examples Action that was completed in the past: I to do my homework at six o'clock yesterday.

Students then write the story down in a group dictation.

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I flew to Sydney last month. One student begins by telling the class what they were doing at that time by making a past continuous sentence, e. I to do my homework yesterday.

What Nick to do when you came to his place? I to write a letter to my friend. If the answer is doubtful, e.

Simple Past / Past Continuous

What you to do when I rang you up? I to play computer games yesterday. Note that we use the simple past to denote the action that happened in the middle of the longer action denoted by the past continuous tense. I think she was working.

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Here we use the past continuous tense to refer to the longer background action and the simple past tense to refer to the shorter action that happened in the middle.

The students begin by doing a quick TPR activity to review the language on a set of activity cards.

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One student from the first team goes out of the classroom. She was yelling at me. Jamieson were arguing about something… …when I walked into the room.

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