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She felt dismayed when Seo Kang-Joon reacted to her decision unexpectedly. Yuri found it hard to understand Seo Kang-Joon.


Seo Kang-Joon has even said that it is probably hard for him to start dating because he is not the type to show that he is interested. A guy will rarely call someone he likes a noona, the reporter said, but Alice smartly denied it and said their relationship is more of a hyung-dongseang relationship.

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He is good in playing piano as he went to Malaysia to study the instrument. Fantagio admitted his relationship, but the girl he dates is not an idol but a trainee from a different company. Whether Seo Kang-Joon is still dating her is a question only he can answer.


But because both are celebrities are busy, they could not post their pictures together and only saw each other at 11 p. He would also like it if she laughs a lot. The identity of his girlfriend is unknown and he even does not introduce her to his friends.

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They looked like a beautiful couple but Alice confirmed that they will never have a relationship beyond friendship.

Before debuting with the group, Seo was a model for Seoul Fashion Week and commercial brands. Ideal Type Of Woman Seo does not really have a specific ideal type of woman. Seo previously mentioned that he finds a simple and pleasant woman as charming. He is under Fantagio Entertainment with a group of 5 idol-actors, 5urprise.


InSeo Kang-Joon posted on his Facebook account about being in a relationship for days with his girlfriend who he revealed is an idol. But above all, the most important aspect is not the type but his feelings towards her. She, in fact, added that her easy-going personality makes 5urprise members including Seo, who are from the same agency as her, treat her like a man.

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But having just a beautiful visual is not enough for him. After shocking the media with the news, his agency came forward to correct his statement. Views On Marriage Marriage is a huge commitment that a year-old like Seo has probably yet to think of.

Even though she is older than him, he had never called her noona which opens up a possibility that Seo probably likes or is having a relationship with her.

It is better if they can have good conversations and that the woman is wise with a sexy brain.

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