Romeo and Juliet Juliet 39 s death FANDUB Me as Juliet [] Romeo and Juliet Juliet 39 s death FANDUB Me as Juliet []

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Unfortunately for them, Capulet loyalists are planning a rebellion to overthrow House Montague while Leontes is obsessed with destroying the threat of House Capulet permanently.

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And you're so wrong: Though she is technically not allowed to, Juliet has another secret identity: The plot is interesting. What You Should Have: However one survivor, Juliet, was able to escape thanks to a group of Capulet loyalists.

I only plan to fandub ONE episode.

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The Red Whirlwind Zorro-like is my favourite character. That is until one night, when the long time rivals of the Capulets, the Montagues, storm the palace, killing the duke, his wife, and his men.

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Something that I don't like billy y mandy chupacabras latino dating it? You already have a lovely voice, so why not express it?

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For any gentlemen who audition as either Romeo or Benvolio and are not selected in the end, I will have them play as extra soldiers. I feel the same way. The series Romeo x Juliet has been licensed, it is not available in Manga Fox. You MUST give this a try!

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But it was good, I loved the opening and the fin was pretty good. But I guess I can't get mad at him for being in love He even recites some famous quotes all throughout the anime, so Shakespeare fans, keep a lookout!

However, comma, if it becomes popular enough; I do plan to do future episodes. Things get even more complicated, however, when Juliet finally learns of her true identity and is told that she must kill the current duke—Romeo's father.

You could always use adblocker. While taking the basic premise of the play, Romeo x Juliet had wonderful character development, beautiful music and art, and expanded greatly on the story.

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A Decent Mike It doesn't need to be amazing or anything, but I would really like it to be mostly clear and not have too much static or peaks.

I find it funny that while Juliet's kicking butt as Odin, Romeo's a total pansy.

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So in public, she dresses as a boy, a young man named Odin, at the request of her "family". It has some changes from the real novel, good thing I think, it adds something new, and Shakespeare was funny. As these star-crossed lovers face many challenges and adventures together which will strengthen their love, an ancient secret hidden within Neo Verona is slowly revealed.

All are killed but Juliet, a young daughter of the Capulets who is rescued and spirited away to safety before she could be killed. I want to hear emotion when you say your lines!

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Fourteen years later, Juliet remembers nothing of her gruesome past, and lives with the small band who had rescued her, the only family she has. It has the essence of that plays in a unique storyline.

This might rub you the wrong way, but honestly: It is on one of these "rescue missions" that she first meets Romeo, heir of the Montague house.

The Red Whirlwind, the daring and righteous hero of Neo Verona, famous for saving any in danger with his or rather, her sword and advanced combat skills without killing anyone.

As a huge fan of both the classic, the adaptation, as well as Funimation; I want to get a little courageous and put my own spin on this little classic.

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And thought the ending was sad, it was filling and uplifting. If things go smoothly, then I just might ask you to pull out your favorite moment so that we can fandub it!

Everyone will be getting a role as there is always room for background voices! Not saying you shouldn't watch it if you've never read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet before, just that you'll probably like it better if you have. I'm halfway through the series, but I'm definitely going to finish it.

However, keep this in mind, this story will probably be alot more fun to you if you HAVE read the original.

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And I really love how pretty much all of the characters we re-done and even given compleately different characteristics. Fourteen years ago in the floating island of Neo Verona, Leontes Montague and his men led a bloody coup and murdered all of the members of House Capulet, the rulers of Neo Verona.

Romeo X Juliet is a great adaptation, with just the right mix of original material and new ideas. And a good character too!

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