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I am now a CPA because of your course, thanks buddy! FAR makes you do strange things especially when the exam is 4 days out This is such an awesome feature to keep you organized!

Watching targeted videos is a much more efficient way to sarah michelle gallar dating, but everyone has a different learning style.

He knows what it takes to pass the exam the first time and is extremely passionate about you accomplishing your goals.

Everything in these books has a high probability of being on the exam in some way. I found this while google stalking Roger.

Roger, you are hilarious!

Roger Philipp Cpa

He has come up with so many clever mnemonics and strategies to remember things, it makes it easy to recall just about everything in a page book.

The integrated design of the study text, videos, and planning system really is a great example of a modern CPA review course. Wait tell us about the trip?!?! So roger cpa dating game people have tried other courses and failed.

Did yall actually go on a date man? Roger has it taken care of! Really handy and impressive. If you are easily border with lectures or just roger cpa dating game out ADD like me, these are the lectures for you!

Roger Philipp, CPA On The Dating Game

Lectures are Fast As much as I love the quick, snappy teaching style, I can see where some people could get left behind.

I have met you a few times at UCSB meet the firms, probably the most recent was at Frank Rimmerman in Palo Alto with our starting group in sep of Some students disagree, however, saying that his style is a little too flamboyant for their liking. Almost thought he blew it with that sushi line, good recovery Rog SmartyYang Some students, primarily ones with English as their second language, will tend to fall behind during these fast paced lessons.

The fully integrated program allows you to start new sections, pause, and come back to them whenever you need to. I honestly thought it was a look alike and then he said his name!

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You might even crack a smile at some of his jokes. I am very curious to what his thoughts were on that stage. Personally, I think live or virtual classes are kind of a waste of time. There is just a TON of it!

Roger Philipp CPA

They turned out to be great investments for me. I am a certified public accountant. Please continue passing along your genius to aspiring CPAs.

I had stop by at this video for sure haha it was fun watching Roger Daniela Silva: Roger does tend to talk quickly which requires you to engage and actively listen to what he is saying. Roger, you are too funny.

Wiley multiple-choice questions are no longer used in the Roger CPA review course!

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He has a way making any subject interesting and engaging. He was serious about being in the dating show I totally need the laugh after being exhausted after work and trying to get motivated to study.

Everyone is on here saying they heard about this video in REG and I'm just like Switch to something that works and claim your discount now! They offer great discounts and deals especially if you have used another course and want to switch.

Did this video help you? You heard me right. Just like with his videos lectures, Roger packs the same passion and energy into these MP3s. This is absolutely hilarious!

They have done a really good job at integrating all of the core components of the course into one usable form. Bro, Roger, my man congrats. Roger wants to proof his system is the best. If you are looking for a traditional lecturer, you might want to take a look at some other options.

I just passed the exam here in NY, and I've been telling my friends and colleagues that your course is the best on the market. Some people prefer to go to a classroom and listen to a professor. Roger this is great! Worth pausing my REG lecture in order to enjoy this gem!

Each video has a notes and bookmark section where you can make a note to yourself and bookmark it for review later. I paused AUD lecture 1.