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There are also very fun places to go to while at this place like club red, sports fields, stores and all that. I'm really mad that the game got deleted but I understand why Nintendo did it. I think roblox high school is so fun because you can do lots of fun things as well as pretending roblox s top model vip dating be a student or teacher.

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It's showing real promise, to the point where it can beat MeepCity, Welcome to the Town of Robloxia, and any other Town and City games. You can even have your own workers, and real customers! The best part about this game is you can build your store however you want it!

Maybe in the old days of roblox but now? I can't believe someone created a giant version of our house in Minecraft! I've been playing this game for 1 year.

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When I saw the graphics, I was like ;O yes I was winking! This is most definitely my favourite roblox game and it should be number 1! D V 32 Comments 30 The Stalker This game is very fun especially when you start getting abilities and skins it really brings some variety to the game and speed dating glasgow april scott has been one of my first games I've played in roblox so I'm giving this my vote.

The Contenders 11 Welcome to Bloxburg!

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For people who like designing houses, this is the perfect game for you. I just simply love this game. Simply, Rocitizens is a better game, and had more effort put You start out with the Default house which you can sell to get more money.

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Dance Of The Pixies - machinimasound. Unlike most town and city games, you have needs to keep up with like energy, hunger, hygiene, and fun.

Who will in the challenge?! I let other people touch the buttons first until there's players left. You can buy gamepasses to make the game more enjoyable. It only had 5 levels but they are extremely difficult!

Was good now sucks with, at least, exploiters per servers.

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Those new games took its place. The idea of working, getting a family don't quote me on that and even trading for money just to build up your character whomever it is.

Balances the game out. It's really very well done!

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Also, I love the texting feature. I used to play this game for hours without taking any breaks, and man was I good. That happened to me twice ;-; V 32 Comments 15 Miner's Haven I love this game pleas try it I promise you that you will love it because I have played it This game is awesome please vote this The fact that this could waste your time for more than a month, or even a year You can choose what job you want and upgrade your house with the money you earn.

It's fun, and easy to play. Great game, especially when you buy VIP. You can also be a manager and give other players bonus. You can also set yourself a goal to get a certain badge and it's pretty fun to try and accomplish your goal. I don't like when people put u in strollers and u fall out of the world, it's very annoying.

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I'll try it out: It is now in my favorites I like this game a lot, but it would be nice if they made some changes to spice it up a little. The teachers are bad when the students are actually there and listening.

You have to take your chances for this! I am great at being the combine fighter and the stalker.

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Likes are greatly appreciated! Its paid so it sucks - thenerdkid V 92 Comments 12 Pokemon Brickbronze The game's graphics are awesome and it's much better than other pokemon games as it looks and feel like the nintendo pokemon games.

It is very fun because you get to make friends, hang out, and have your own house! Its cool game I recommend AMAZING V 7 Comments 18 Call of Robloxia 5 - Roblox at War This is the game right here this game is so addicting I never stop and this game is much like the real games this is the game worth trying Such a well done game, spent so many hours in this, and one of the best quality games on roblox, period.

I found another cool dropper map to play.

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We just find a way to break into each building and steal their art!! This is actually a great and a really addicting game to play. I played it before and it's suer addictive and I'm kinda bad because I have more deaths than I do kills I didn't play yet 19 Stop It Slender!

You can build you're own house with all the building supplies and decorations.