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The grammar is very awkward, but the best translation I can putforward is: Both te amo and te quiero mean I love you. Ally has had a crush on Levi for ages, but has always thought that Levi's stares were due to dislike, rather than any type of attraction.

The "tu" is not necessary when you use "te".

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No huge surprises there. Let's go my love. If the question is "Me amas tu tambien? Confusing wordage for the question - in no way grammatically correct. Yes, longer-term feelings are revealed; however, this one only covers around a 24 hour time period, so way too soon for actually believable "I love you's" to happen, so the story ends in what I feel is a nice happy for now, with the promise of more.

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Flirty and outgoing Ally is most definitely not. It can mean "I like you",or "I want you. How do you translate Te quiero quiero verte yo te quiero mas a mi vida porque lisa murden46 dating profiles tu amor yo me muero from Spanish to English?

What does 'te quiero' mean in english? It's how you say it. Colloquially, it means "I love you".

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Overall, the story was fairly low angst, with a few sexy frottage scenes, and was well written, so I'd rate this one around 4 stars. I love you and I want to know since you need and that you are important to me.

How do you translate te quiero English? Hello, I want to get to know you, would you like to know me too? Me amas tu tambien?

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Let's go, my love. What does amo y quiero que tu sepas to cuanto que te necesito y que importante tu eres para mi mean? This story is both cute and sweet, with the shy, reserved Levi providing Ally with the strength he needs to begin pulling himself out of his current quandary.

Then while Ally is trying to remove his online nude photos from the web sites, he's caught in the act by Levi, Introverted and studious Levi is quiet and innocent.

What does tu habla espanol dulce yo habla espanol tambien te amo mean? I want you in my life more because without your love I will die.

I want to see you.

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Literally, it means "I want you". With time and work. Other than the pretty awkward "I really like you's," the main drama here is Ally dealing with his asshole ex-BF, Rob, and taking action to get his 'revenge porn' photos taken down.

But when Ally returns the letter, which he incorrectly believes is one of Levi's assignments, feelings are divulged and mutual attractions revealed.

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If you need that translated, your question needs to say that you need it translated. Give me some of your fruit. If you want something translated, your question needs to SAY that you want it translated.

I love youwh-re; I love you wh-re, yeah! Although this was only a short story, it was a nice glimpse into what Ally and Levi could become.

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If the question is "Te amo a ti tambien" the translation is "I love you ,too". In Spanish, Ally's native tongue.

Then while Ally is trying to remove his online nude photos from the web sites, he's caught in the act by Levi, who flees, after dropping a love letter.

It means, "I love you. Te quiero is used for friends and relatives, te amo is used for your significant other.