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Everytime I walk into a room and interrupt a conversation, the people stop talking! Inher new challenge was to make a detective game.

Catch him trying to kiss Fifi. The plot may seem a little simple, but that actually allows you to investigate little details and to keep trying to find more as you play the game again. Look at the glass case to see the gun is missing.

In the beginning of the play you are able to watch Lillian putting on perfume in the bathroom. Time passes automatically during your explorations of the island setting, with murders and other events occurring without your involvement.

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Wilbur's bag on his bed. Look through the holes in the south painting to spy on Clarence and Gertie.

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One of the few really good games of this kind. Get the derringer and the bullet. Use it on the statue in the Hedge Garden. Go east twice, south and east again into the parlor.

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These walkthroughs may not be published or reproduced in any format without the author's prior written consent. Later in the play you will notice it is missing. Oh, and while she was at it, she also wanted the game to be non-linear Now head upstairs and through the west door into Gertie's bedroom to see she is sleeping.

Jeeve's room is in the cellar. Search Lillian's dead body, find the key. Clarence drinks alone in The Parlor.

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Clarence Sparrow — Henri's sneaky lawyer and one of Gloria's previous lovers. You can overhear private conversations going on in The Billiards Room. But that's not what Mrs. Now go west twice to the statue out the front of the house, and you will see Clarence and Rudy fight. Unbar the door to get out.

Examine the bottle with the monocle. Now head east twice, south, downstairs and south to be outside. Get the crackers that are on the table. Find the rolling pin while exploring the grounds. Return west, then continue west and north into the bathroom. Rudy was trying to kill The Colonel.

Late in the night, you see Clarence writing at the desk.

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Go into The Colonel's Room when he's not around. Use the crowbar that you found in The Carriage House to pry up the loose floorboards and find an old Bible. Spy on Clarence and Gloria. Visit Celie more than once during the play. Sometimes a quarter-hour can advance in a few real-time seconds, if Laura happens to be at the proper place.

Return east twice to the hallway, and pull the armoire on the right to find another secret passage. Stand just right of the ring beneath the bell, and pull the ring with your cane. The game world is confined to the island and consists of numerous interconnected areas, such as various rooms in the mansion, garden, smaller structures, etc.

Use that key to enter the attic through the door at the top of the stairs. He's a slick womanizer and gambler. Notice Clarence drinking alone at the bar.

Lillian Prune — Laura's friend from Tulane. Pray with Celie in the Chapel. See Wilbur and Clarence arguing with each other outside. Find the attic key hidden in The Colonel's room.

Catch Rudy searching Lillian's room.

Colonel's Bequest, The

Release[ edit ] Originally released inthe game was reissued in to supplement the release of the sequel, The Dagger of Amon Ra. Examine the diary with your monocle, then read it.

There is not much that occurs in Ethel's bedroom. Go through the north door, then head east to the kitchen.

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Push the armoire to discover the secret room; spy on Lillian and Ethel. See Fifi and Jeeves kiss. Downstairs, push on the Grandfather Clock or the mirror to eavesdrop on conversations. Go outside to the west from the study to see Wilbur and Clarence talking.