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She is also best friends with Yukiko and often gets into arguments with Yosuke. D has everything that makes games cool so meany choices and. Claws Teddie is found inside Midnight Channel, a strange blue creature that talks. Nanako distanced herself with the protagonist at first, but grew much closer to him as her Social Link progressed.

Kanji's Event Fool's Commu Rank up. When an enemy is knockdown, sometimes it will randomly trigger a special follow up move from party members. Speak to the Student with the Afro at the third floor of the school.

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Wow its soo weird to me to find that Rise is a popular second choice. Which one of these is the name of a nation tv online kenya dating river? All Classrooms can be found in the Learning Corridor side, while all Clubs can be found in the Practice Corridor side.

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Riverbed Lower Area You can come here to fish. Fear Can randomly lose a turn, also randomly escape from battle.

You can speak with the history teacher for a item as well.

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From now on you can visit the shrine to accept new request to level up the Hermit Social Link. This game has added 2 new status parameters, Communication and Generosity.

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Depending on the choice you make it can either end up as a lunch box or fish bait. Increase Bravery by 1 May 3 Weather: Also certain choice in the game will not work unless you have a level of Courage, such as food test you need a high courage level before you can pick these options Where to upgrade: Yet there is one fact that must be accepted.

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Sunday June 20 Weather: Nanako recalls stopping at the Moel gas station on their way from picking him up, and this small detail helps the Team track down the gas station attendant Izanami. Despite getting into numerous fights, Kanji's greatest fear is questioning his sexuality.

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PersonaBlank and Nothing. This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use.

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You can cook at today, depending on your choice it will either be lunch or fish bait. Go back to Shopping District North and speak with the cop again. Minoru Inoue provides them with tickets to come and see the performance. Sunday August 8 Weather: You can cook at night, depending on your choice it'll be either lunch or fishbait.

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You can accept requests from Fox for the Hermit SLink. He was joined this time by Shihoko Hirata, who performed vocals on various songs, including the theme song "Pursuing My True Self". Persona 4 adds a new setting.

Rise like this one September 12 Weather: At Junes, she opens up a little about her past, including the revelation that her mother was killed in an accident, however, she has since moved on and has become happier since the protagonist has begun to live with the Dojimas.

Later, when Kanami is busy talking to Dojima regarding his investigations, Nanako receives a lesson from Kanami's dance teacher and is surprisingly adept at dancing, able to learn an extremely difficult dance move that even Kanami struggled to learn for weeks.

Depending on how you cook, it can either turn into a bento box or fish bait.

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Speak with the old man in the River Bank area. Sport Club Hang out Event. Just sleep when all cutscene is done. Sayoko Uehara is a character in Persona 4.

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Come Back tomorrow and Speak with the Boy on the elevator floor. Sport Club will call you if want to hang out on Sunday. If you have any questions, tips, or concerns, my contact is Chaomin gmail. You can speak with the history teacher for 3x Magic Mirror.

Our protagonist meets up with him on the first day to school.