Perfume Antonio Banderas Fragrance, Cologne Perfume Antonio Banderas Fragrance, Cologne

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Antonio Banderas

Confusing notes of mint and citrus mingle with the cinnamon and pepper, producing something not terrible but just a bit unbalanced and unsatisfying.

This was the gift for Christmas I got from my wife The cinna-bomb, is there like in 1 Million but it is subdued.

Citrus perfume antonio banderas millionaire dating mint subside very quickly, leaving behind a still sweet but not cloying spiciness behind. This is a little more flexible, especially in colder Fall days and the Winter.

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Predictably, the Bvlgari provided more punch given its relative concentration - but you know what? I will also add this: Not bad, but a bit shy.

The cinnamon, grapefruit and leather are the main notes I notice. The scent itself is not a novelty experience, but my wife likes this scent! Elegant in its simplicity, and not tacky.

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Jan OntheMark I have to say that after a blind buy and a first wearing of this stuff, I like it. This looks classy and traditional with elegance as a lock. My concerns of femininity fall flirt fail facebook posts into unisex territory - which is perfectly fine.

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Sweet, bubblegummy spice, very similar to but a toned down version of 1 Million to be sure. Instead of "One Million" craziness, it is a more interesting and affordable alternative still brings Spanish habit and quality Puig!

It can be used as a day scent at those times. This is a little more of a casual night scent than the 1 Million grenade for clubs.

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Fortunately, Puig makes the quality guaranteed in the background! I have to give it a 7. I'll add more to my review as I get to know Antonio Banderas' "The Secret" a bit better, but here are my first impressions. It's not a flamboyant phenomenon between the Banderas scents, but since I got my wife and I love the Banderas brand, it is for me that "good" category is I actually like the smell of "The Secret" better, as it's more focused on the spice notes without the diversion of tobacco getting in the way.

Update as of December 13, Smooth and warm at the same time The packaging fits the theme but unlike 1 Million and most clones, it isn't gaudy.

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At this point I was a little disappointed. Again, very sweet, almost feminine to my nose. That is far more of a heavier night scent like 1 Million is. It don't project nearly as loud, nor does it last as long but, who really cares when you pay of two thirds of the price at most for this?

Scent settles and fades to a small bubble - which given my propensity for being a bit conservative on the sprays at least at firstis not unexpected. Unfortunately, the head note is almost "One Million". I like the scent but in retrospect would probably have been better off buying a bottle of the stronger version of this scent, "Golden Secret.

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The gold brick looks unique but it is on the gaudy side. Overall, I do like The Secret. It has a nicer smell to it, especially as it dies down at about the three hour mark.

It's defiantly an upgrade to 1 Million clones and a cheaper, even better 1 Million especially if it faces performance-hindering reformulation A fine, subtle ghost of creamy leather emerges, and pepper begins to assert itself just a bit more on the skin.

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