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Since at the end of the colonial period, vanilla was exported to the world from Papantla through the Port of Veracruz 1. All this information can be saved only if you enable it - websites cannot get access to the information that you have not given them, and they cannot access other data on your computer.

Some species, for example the ones that belong to the genus Laelia, are on the verge of extinction due to selective gathering to supply plants for these demands and to other orchid growers As part of this program, a group of scientists is working with indigenous communities from Veracruz and Oaxaca focusing on rescuing and fostering local knowledge about orchids.

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Later, when you re-open the same website, the browser sends back cookies that belong to this site. Flores Gonzales e I. Some of these species include Fig.

Now it can be said that vanilla is a gastronomical legacy from Mexico to the world 7.

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Atlas de la flora de Veracruz. All the information collected by the cookies, is accumulated and stays anonymous. They usually store your settings and preferences for the website, such as preferred language, e-mail address or password.

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By around 10, people were producing vanilla at the north of Veracruz State Un patrimonio natural en peligro. On the other hand, orchids also played an important place in the traditional medicine practice.

Cookie policy In order to provide you the best experience of our site, and to make the site work properly, this site saves on your computer a small amount of information cookies. For instance, Laelia gouldiana is an orchid that has never been found in the wild, yet for many decades peasants in Hidalgo State have been collecting and maintaining the species through local cultivation; this action has made possible for the species to be known at present However, the conservation of species, even of those now endangered, is not a difficult task.

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Its uses were varied: Some orchids species used for medical treatment 5. Also, they make it possible for us to measure the number of visitors and sources of traffic on our website, and as a result, we are able to improve the performance of our site.

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Interested in plants, many people collect wild orchids to bring and grow them on nearby trees in their backyards. It was this representation of an unconsummated relationship that portrayed how vanilla was originated. Today, the vanilla plant Fig.

The legend refers to a love story: First, it has to be recognized the importance of ex situ conservation activities and the part that commercial growers can play in the implementation of these type of strategies. Feather art in Mexico 6 Vanilla was another important orchid for many ancient Mexican cultures.

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As many other plants in Mexico and around the world, orchids are considered endangered species. Do not track options are available in a number of browsers including: In regions of Mexico orchid species that grow in the forest are subject to human pressure for the following reason.

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Acknowledgements We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia CONACyT for our projects and in consequence for believing in this type of projects aimed at the conservation of Mexican orchids. Nowadays in Mexico, orchids still have a vast importance to society.

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The species used for this purposes constitute a group integrated by 30 genera and 57 species; just in the case of Veracruz state, 36 species have been acknowledged for their medicinal properties used in different types of treatments Opting out By default, the browsing experience of website visitors is tracked by Google Analytics in order to produce anonymised statistics.

Uses of orchids in Mexico from precolumbian times to the present.

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Even before the Spanish arrived to the continent, local people had already known and used vanilla traditionally.