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Put the knob in a metal lathe, then carefully move the shank back into the knob area, deducting the. For those outboard motor kill switch hookup you who want to add on the emergency kill switch especially if allowing younger boat operators, there is a aftermarket one that is a reasonable price and easy to install on most outboard motors.

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But if it is set it for in forward and then reverse will drag it down to around which is to slow to run. Engine Has Sat For a While: So if you intend to troll for trout at a SLOW speed, stay with the 9. Clean the old gasket and use a good gasoline resistant sealant on the new gaskets, reassemble in reverse order.

It has the word STOP on the end. When reinstalling or replacing these reed valves be sure that you position them so that they are centered over the holes so no leakage can occur around the edges.

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A guess here is that they needed to use up the older parts and at the same time have a noticeable difference between the two HP motors. The idle jet venturi system is also slightly different between the two.

Boat Kill Switch

If this happens, you can still usually tell which motor it is by looking at outboard motor kill switch hookup 25 cent size soft plug in the upper rear RH side of the block.

When they designed this series of motors, they designed it as a 15 hp and then detuned it with a different carburetor for the 9. However it has been found that when threading this Nylon coupler on, rotate it slightly upward on the outside, otherwise it can become uncoupled if situation s are slightly wrong when you move the throttle to slow position.

Many boaters are not interested in these myspace dating site facebook, preferring the electronic ignition, and I have to say if I had a choice I would also, but the older point system has performed quite well until modern technology came along.

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I get inquiries at times and some owners do not know or understand the basics of starting an outboard motor, so. Another problem could be leaky reed valves at the reed valve base.

If you get them mixed up, the wrong one has a smaller size opening on at the reed valve area and WILL restrict the valve movement to where the motor will not be getting any fuel into the motor itself. If the motor application changes, reactivate the cut-off switch feature by replacing the clip B with the original clip and lanyard assembly A ".

Do not try to spray a carburetor cleaner in the breather or run it thru the fuel and expect it to do a cleaning job. You need to remove the plastic carburetor intake cover OMC calls it a silencer.

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They mentioned that one COLD morning, they were not able to go out to the hunting grounds because of the non-starting motor. If the idle speed is too low, and you have it on a boat in the water or in a test tank, it will stall when you put it in reverse from an idle.

This cable system replaced the gear throttle linkage improving the situation dramatically. The change to aftermarket Boyeson reed valves may help in this situation however. The early ones pre 76 I have seen are white instead of the common black color that is on the later versions.

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These motors can be hard to start unless the choke is staying fully closed while starting. Therefore possibly changing to the aftermarket Boyeson reeds would be a benefit, however I have not done that on my motors.

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And as they get older and more obsolete, in isolated parts of this planet, they are the ones that can usually be kept running by persons who have any degree of understanding magnetos and are mechanically inclined.

It can run OK on the lower end or idle OK because it is using the idle jet then, but it will have less top end power than with the original 9.

You also need to remove the recoil starter unit. Also verify that you have replaced the choke knob right.

Outboard Kill Switch

My solution was to adjust it so I had my maximum high speed, which still gave me my idle speed, BUT with the throttle indicators being off way fast like actual slow speed running was just faster than the START position.

The idle knob is next. Shown below are the important dimensions. Usually you can use an air hose to blow thru the passages to be sure they are clear.

This should give you slightly more fuel to start, and then you can reset it back to your known trolling position later. If you look in from the rear, you will have to position the throttle plate to a horizontal position to be able to see the throat very well.

This is spare that was original equipment. It is my experience however that the 15 hp does not idle down as slow or as smooth as the 9.

Boat Kill Switch

The choke lever is the same in these newer carburetors even though the motors used the cable twist grip which utilized a totally different throttle system. Even after you replace in the same location as it was before tearing it down, and you get it running again, you may need to fine-tune adjust this idle knob for trolling.

Some mechanics will tell you that it is the bottom crankshaft seal, I say not really, as the lower one will not have as much side pressure on it as the top seal being near the rotating flywheel as the top bearing may also be worn.

This is the carburetor idle adjustment knob.

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Also do not knock these pre electronic ignition models. The angle of the photo for type 3 does not show this clip well.

Another like it had the red coiled plastic looped cable with a clip to attach to the operators arm. Stop button on control panel.

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OMC's illustration for restart clip for I can find no explanation for this other than it may be a mini supercharger of sorts, relying on the rotating starter gear teeth as a fan when the motor is running Carburetor, Early: But in reassembling when you have the gasket in place, it may well be best to remove the stator and timing plate.

If the idle speed in a test barrel if set correctly, RPM in forward gear, you will probably see something like in neutral, and in reverse. When removing this bowl or pan, be careful to try to save the gasket if you are not going to get a repair kit.

The problem that both encounter is that they foul spark plugs more regularly than if the motor was a 9. There are 2 variations of this, the one shown is from a to aboutwhich as it on the end of the twist grip throttle handle.

The internal throat of the 9. The reason for this is that when these motors were sold new, say inthe 9. The purple lines are what was removed.