Invader ZIM (a Titles & Air Dates Guide) Invader ZIM (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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If there's one thing you should know by now, it's to stay out of my room!

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Your wish is granted! Probably another good reason the Tallest fear him. Invader Zim is a perfect example of a cartoon that straddles the line between children's and adult entertainment. This dialogue in "Bestest Friend": The Voting of the Doomed [2.


I'm being, you know, terrifying and spooky! Who has a skin condition that includes earless and noseless side effects? Zim's human form is basically himself but with human eyes and a slick hairstyle. I don't know, but his head is large. Go man the register! There's a good chance that circumstances will contrive to force him in the most hilariously painful way possible I'm not being funny!

Mortos grant wish now! The Tallest weep as Zim is temporarily placed in command of the Tallest's ship and proceeds to smash it into everything.

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And I will grant you the power to fire lasers from your heads! Be sure to take them out of the can or the explosion will destroy all human life! Gashloog is taking his break! Unless it's GIR or the Tallest. You're here as punishment for almost annihilating our civilization!

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I'm not going to eat- GIR: He never loses his confidence, and if anything kung fu institute in bangalore dating just seem to encourage him to keep trying.

Coerces Vortian Prisoner for information by holding his children hostage and threatening to "erase" them.

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And then be quiet! Although Zim speaks perfect English, he has a tendency to mix up words, or in some cases he just doesn't listen and ends up hearing the wrong thing. Now do you understand my latest and most brilliant plan for earth conquest, GIR?

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His stupidity is usually what prevents him from conquering anything at all if Dib or GIR has no interference. Now, Gaz, if you could just put that can of beans in the proton oven!

Zim was banished to a planet called Foodcourtia where he had to do community service for royally screwing up Operation Impending Doom I. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Do you feel different anyway?

Sent away from his home planet, the Irken Empire, after a botched military exercise, Zim voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz -- a narcissistic green space invader with a Napoleon complex -- seeks to submit Earth to his rule in order to prove his abilities to his elders.

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You know, I think this will be a good way to build a tolerance to the human's filthy food! I'm gonna eat that fish.

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It can be hard to credit, but he's demonstrated some true cunning on occasion. Gimme your planet's coordinates!

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Laugh now, space monster! There's someone at the door. I shall try some already! As the show's title speaks for itself. When he's selling Poop candy bars for a school fundraiser to get the mystery prize in "Door to Door".

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He was capable of causing apocalypse-level damage even as a smeet Irken baby. Gaz adds two more cans then starts the oven.

That or enslave them — he changes it from enslaving, ruling, killing, poisoning their food supply and cutting their legs off depending on the episode.

Sees them as stupid and revolting, which to be fair, is not entirely inaccurate when it comes to humans in this show. I never want you to mention biscuits ever again. Zim Eats Waffles [2. Continuing his "mission" even after being exiled due to his entire species loathing his very existence, although there's disagreement as to whether he merely ignores their scorn or he really is that stupid.

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Add your rating See all kid reviews. I will try- GIR: In the unproduced episode "The Trial," it's revealed that he has, in fact destroyed more than one planet. As a result he's perpetually eager to please his leaders, but being a Too Dumb to Live Genius Ditz he only succeeds in making things worse.

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Gashloog gets to take a break without exploding! What are your species' main weaknesses? He gets burned by toxic rain water, gets his lenses boiled by the sun, takes a brutal beating from a Planet Jacker, gets flayed alive in Lice, gets grotesquely swollen up by a cosmic eclipse, and gets feasted upon by a brain parasite, among other injuries.

Also, he works in a fast food restaurant on Earth in "Career Day". I like my head! He passes himself off as a human and nobody else but Dib and Gaz notice that he doesn't look much like a human.

Maybe next time you not be so cheap with Mortos.