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Obama thorning schmidt flirting lines, promoted content

Did Obama flirt with animales marsupials ejemplos yahoo dating Dec 12, And like any good soap opera, it divided the female players into sexist archetypes: If Obama had taken a picture with someone more "homely", like German chancellor Angela Merkel, the media probably wouldn't have had created the same kind of sexist narrative though there would have been plenty of NSA jokes.

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I doubt anyone could have remained totally stony faced for the duration of the ceremony, while tens of thousands of people were celebrating in the stadium," explained Roberto Schmidt, the AFP photographer who is based in New Delh and who flew to South Africa to cover the event.

And one disapproving wife.

Media reaction to the Obama-Cameron-Thorning-Schmidt 'selfie' was immature and sexist

But then the reaction kept getting uglier and uglier, until we wound up with dreck like this: I see nothing to complain about, and probably would have done the same in their place.

This British-style array of tea puts me in mind of her father-in-law.

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He works in London during the week and she looks after their two teenage daughters on her own from Monday to Friday they have no nanny. AP It is like there is no one else in the stadium. For now, however, all is peaceful.

Against that backdrop, the new government pushed through reforms that deeply upset centre-left voters, such as teaming up with the centre-right opposition to pass a tax package that benefited some of the biggest earners at the expense of pensions and unemployment benefits.

She has decided we should go to the in-house canteen to get our lunch and then take the plates to her office.


But Thorning-Schmidt is having none of it: Thorning-Schmidt talks to me in perfect English. Like Margaret Thatcher before her, she has had to endure a huge amount of media attention over her handbags.

Combined with a series of broken campaign promises, the tax measures led the Social Democrats to their lowest poll ratings in at least a century.

Has Lord Kinnock given her much political advice? The blog itself even got in on the fun, declaring " Obama has taken a funeral selfie, so our work here is done.

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Getty Images A little joke between two leaders. Her stern look was captured by chance. Swiftly moving on, I suggest that, given the austerity agenda in Europe in recent years and the lack of many fellow centre-left governments, it has not been the easiest time to be a Social Democrat.

Download The Times of India news app for your device. If you are a minority coalition, you have to find a majority for your policies.

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Inside, there is an eerie calm, with just an occasional staff member shuffling down the wide corridors. While her reforms have been pretty unpopular among the centre-left in Denmark, they have been more positively viewed from outside the country.

Snow has been falling steadily for more than 24 hours, giving Copenhagen a white carpet. AFP Photo Obama's selfie causes stir The so-called selfie — short for self-portrait — was quickly picked up by major international news outlets and went viral on social media sites, with many questioning whether the moment of mirth was appropriate for the occasion.

Nelson Mandela memorial service: World leaders gather in South Africa to remember former president

Twitter erupted in condemnation with one Tweeter writing: So I like selfies. Is he aware of the obscene tween phenomenon that is "Selfies at Funerals?

Thorning-Schmidt, 47, is notable for many reasons: Her husband is seeking to stand as Labour candidate in Aberavon, a Welsh constituency known for heavy industry such as the Port Talbot steelworks.

I admit that I was amused when I first saw the photo of the selfie. Schmidt said he later read on social media that Michelle Obama seemed to be rather peeved on seeing the Danish prime minister take the picture, but "photos can lie.

She says there are two main reasons. They support each other.

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The media, as it is wont do in these situations, lost its mind. It all began when within minutes after the Mandela memorial service in South Africa, photos surfaced of a grinning Obama and Cameron on either side of Danish leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

The only obvious thing is to be quite diligent in reforming the state. Barack Obama has been labelled " a hormone-ravaged frat boy on a road trip to a strip bar " after he was captured "flirting up a storm" with Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

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In reality, just a few seconds earlier the first lady was herself joking with those around her, Cameron and Schmidt included. We both take a starter of prawns and while I serve myself the warm meal of curry and rice, the prime minister chats with one of the chefs about, I think, some nice fish she ate.

It all began when within minutes after the Mandela memorial service in South Africa, photos surfaced of a grinning Obama and Cameron on either side of Thorning-Schmidt, as she cheerfully took a self-portrait of the trio. Her good looks are thought to have played a part in her election win inwhen the most Googled word next to her name was 'naked'.