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The paperback edition will run pages in its abridged form, Segal said. But Segal is drawn to them.

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Don't waste your time counting abdominal muscles, however; let this young man show you how to paint the town red. Walking into the new Manhattan export STK Steakhouse without knowing where you were, you'd never take this for the short-lived Bridge or, long before that, the beloved Italian Alto Palato.

Picking a photo with a sexy year-old girl in it for an architectural story may not have been the right choice. Dan Byrd hits right notes as troubled teen October 21, By Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic "Norman" is one of those intimate indies that makes an excellent case for micro-economics in filmmaking, with director Jonathan Segal wringing every bit of emotional purity and ironic humor that he can out of this teen coming-of-age in a life surrounded by death story.

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The move is part of a management reorganization that just began, a company official said. Other developers dismissed these sites, known as infill, as not worth the trouble.

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The Iran-Contra report, prepared by the joint congressional committees that conducted 11 weeks of hearings this summer, runs pages in its official form.

Irene Virbila Ooo la la, what a transformation! Instead of Bridge's kitschy glamour, New York-based entrepreneur Jonathan Segal of One Group is going for a chic, minimalist look, which is almost an exact duplicate of the scene-driven STK in New York's sizzling meatpacking district.

The year-old architect has become a master of urban development in San Diego -- designing, financing and building places to live and work on vacant, under built and unwanted odd-shaped plots in the downtown area.

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Any rituals at home before you hit the town? However, the photo that included his daughter was a bit inappropriate. I'm not necessarily a prude, but my wife 32my sister 30, an architecther boyfriend 30, also an architect and I 32 all thought it was a bit, um, odd.

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The awards were presented at the 10th Monterey Design Conference on the Monterey Peninsula as part of the California Council's celebration of Architecture Week earlier this month. Dan Byrd, whose nice turn in "Easy A" last year began pushing him outside his "Cougar Town" comedy series comfort zone, stars as Norman, a complex kid with a lot of extra baggage piled on top of the normal high school angst.

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There were 20 awards statewide, out of entrants. I hop on my right leg three times, spin around, open a book, get through 20 pages or so, play my guitar, then fall asleep and end up not going out at all.

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When you manage to get out, what's the perfect place for starter drinks or appetizers? The Santa Cruz-based rock band, which built up a cult following through several small-label releases over the last five years, has finally released an album on big-time Virgin Records. Segal, will be promoted to a new corporate post in which he will take charge of all Freedom community newspapers east of the Mississippi.