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I kept that in mind because I have a tendency to run about 15, who the hell am I kidding, 30 minutes late to anywhere I go.

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An hour later we landed at the Trenton, New Jersey train station 'cause that's what Google told me to do. Dating in San Francisco or dating in Los Angeles can be a much easier task. We rode and rode. So, dating in NYC is hard, but you should still enjoy the ride.

It was still daylight and the last train out wasn't until 1: My first sight of actual New York was coming up from the subway and spotting the New Yorker Hotel sign.

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D ordered the same. How to look stylish while playing by the rules. Girls in NY do fight for their men. Seeing it made me so happy! Therefore, guys have no incentive to find a girl and establish a relationship with her, as it is much more fun for most of them to be out there hunting all the time.

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They practically push and pull you into their establishments! It felt like I was at a theme park where the actors over-exaggerate whatever culture they are trying to convince you they are representing.

I looked at all the buildings that still stood and wandered if those people in those buildings thought they were going to die, too.

Because it was nice out, we decided we'd walk a few blocks before getting on the subway. New York Dating is a dynamic community of energetic, successful and innovative young singles who delight in the site's attributes and matchmaking success that fulfills their fantasies and makes them feel on top of the world.

This was the beginning of the end. Visiting the site absolutely brought the tragedy home. I also had friends who would introduce me to people like: A little on jlo and pitbull dating crazy side, but the tulled skirt, oversize cuffs and round-toe white pumps add up to this: During my 9 years in NYC, I noticed how difficult and lonely this city can be especially for single girls.

Many people go out every night and they enjoy a drink or two. I packed my backpack and laid out my clothes, printed out an NYC transit map, set my alarm clock to 9: Because we were near Central Park we were far from the bars. When a train says it's gonna leave at We decided to walk the one and a half miles to Canal Street.

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Guys looked at me in disbelief. It was very overwhelming, but i stuck with the "don't take anything or say anything" mantra.

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Dating in New York is extremely tough for a girl for the following six reasons: Off to her left is Ellis Island. If you are wondering what are the best places to meet singles in NYC?

You see, me being from Sweet Home Alabama doesn't exactly make me an expert on how to hop on a train to head to the Big 'Ol City! But, just like Vegas, the house always wins The never ending supply of young and successful women makes the city the ideal hunting ground for all the sharks who never get tired of the game.

I ordered my usual fettuccine alfredo and a glass of wine. Start your new Journey Today WE would decide where we wanted to eat! It gave me a teeny tiny high!

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Most of them are highly educated and work hard. How to dress sexy, without toeing the line of sleazy. Most friends who moved out of NYgot married within a year.

Buildings still stand so close to the wreckage. We decided we'd hit up a bar for a beer and review my transit map so we new which subway line to take to Penn Station. Someone hand me a cake with a candle!

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Most people can figure out my social standing from these questions and decide based on that if they want to continue the conversation with me or they would just walk away. Fortunately, those who find them are an exception, and are on New York Dating.

It was all apart of the experience, the New York experience! It was all VERY exciting! Excuse me sir, where is this train headed? What colors work with fair skin and light eyes.

We were served Bud Light. European men are tall, attractive, well-dressed, well mannered. We passed City Hall and then made our way into Chinatown.

However, guys were fascinated by the fact that a tall blond works for an investment bank and their eyes lit up and suddenly they started talking to me about derivatives trading. She seems so small over there on that tiny island overlooking the Hudson Bay.

I started to get moody like a child whose been dragged all over Disney World!

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It was now almost 5: Shoes don't have to match your outfit, and shouldn't, much of the time. And boy did we see sites!

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We just meandered north-ish. Our massive cache of singles' personals and photos consist of potential singles that make a perfect match for every single on the site.

And with all those amazing smells of pasta and garlic and bread, fugedaboudit!! It's a powerful place to visit. And hell, after that dinner I was in no situation to spend any more money!

I wondered if people sought shelter in there that day. A friend texted me last Sunday night telling me he was off on Monday and "want to do something? How to simultaneously look current and unique, as well as timeless.

All my friends were beautiful, smart and yet they were all single.