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After the child is born the child will be tested to see if they have gotten HIV. Sure go right ahead and say your not that stupid but guess again your wrong!! If you forget take when you remember even if ur supposed take in the morning take it before you go to bed ask your doctor for clarification if you stop taking your medication your body will become immune to the medication attacking the HIV and your viral load will increase and your medication will be changed and you may have to take more pills so your body does not become immune to the drug prescribed!!!!!!!!

Medication should be taken every day nonstop no mtv true life online dating To be able to carry your flirt riddim magazine when HIV-positive you can go to your doctor and have them insert the semen into your uterus without having to engage in sexual contact without a condom with your partner.

HIV is not a death sentence and you will probably live longer than most who don't have it simply on that fact that you are in constant care of a doctor. The old-school way having your baby yourself.

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This will also work best if your partner is not HIV-positive because your child will have a greater chance of becoming HIV positive even with the amount of medication you and your parent r on it's still a high risk in the both parents.

They may be put on medication for a few weeks to months less then 5 and they should be tested and monitored for the next six months if the HIV virus load if high in the mother. This would work best when your viral load is undetectable that means the HIV virus is essentially dormant with in the body, when comes the due date most doctors will suggest that you do a C-section to insure a greater chance of your child not conceiving HIV through the vaginal canal.

During your nine month pregnancy you'll be put on extra medication to ensure that your child is not conceive HIV during the nine months.

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You first tell ur partner about you HIV status and they! Everything that is on here is from books, from doctors, from websites about HIV and from other Youtubers who talk about sexual health and education for youth and adults!

Has a life-threaten disease when no medication is taken 5. You just don't force a person to lay down and have sex with them you know why??

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You can always adopt it's just a A long and strenuous process of paperwork, choosing your child and the adoption agency connecting you with the child. Even if the virus load is undetectable.

With birth there are three ways of conceiving a child.

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Anyone who is reading this and you in fact have HIV please push foward and take your meds as directed and see your doctor's as regular as possible. Essentially your egg and your parents Sperm Will be put in a tray so they can be joined together after that a doctor will be inserted into another's women's womb.

So all of you with these asinine comments need to reevaluate your life because just like it happened to so many people it can happen to you.