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Claire is the anchor, trying her best to run a tight ship and determined not to let her kids have the rebellious childhood she had.

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Retrieved May 3, Retrieved May 10, Don't touch the tiara. Meanwhile, the family seizes on a nursing home visit with Jay's mean sister, Becky, to settle old scores.

Porter, Rick January 5, Add speed dating new haven this that Phil is just a big kid himself, even if he does always have the best intentions.

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Retrieved November 2, Pam's ex-boyfriend shows up and Mitchell sees this as an opportunity to get Pam out of the house. Porter, Rick September 28, Retrieved April 12, Retrieved November 16, Mitchell runs into an old flame and opens some old wounds.

Pameron lets Cam in on a family secret that forces him to visit Mitch's therapist to work through this new information.

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Donna Duncan, upstages her with a far bigger and better party right next door. On couples retreat, an isolation tank traumatizes Mitch and Cam meets his baseball idol. Porter, Rick May 17, Cam has to stay out of the sun at all costs.

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Retrieved January 5, Cam and Mitch deal with Lily's women's troubles. Porter, Rick April 5, But as Jay, Claire and Mitchell compete for her time, Phil, Cam and Gloria end up getting trapped in the home's basement with no way out.

Porter, Rick March 22, Retrieved March 22, TV by the Numbers. Retrieved March 29, Hayley gets an unexpected opportunity.

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Now that Mitchell has an amazing new job, he and Cam throw a party to rub it in Cam's friends' faces so they can no longer give him "the look of pity. Haley is desperate to land an interview with the creator of a popular lifestyle website.

Jay's grown daughter, Claire, and her husband, Phil, are the proud parents of three kids with whom they want that open, healthy, honest relationship. Porter, Rick December 7, Porter, Rick March 8, Porter, Rick October 12, Mitch and Cam may have unwittingly ruined Luke's Valentine's Day date and are forced to make things right.

Retrieved December 1, Retrieved September 28, Jay and Gloria meet Joe's pal's perfect parents.

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Porter, Rick November 2, Retrieved October 12, Now in his second marriage to his gorgeous young wife, Gloria, Jay has been given something of a second chance. Gloria's hospitality is wearing thin when Cam oversteps his boundaries as a house guest.

Retrieved December 7, Retrieved March 1, Porter, Rick October 5, Porter, Rick March 1, Porter, Rick October 19, Still, old habits are hard to break, and it's trial by fire as he tries to adapt to life with the same passion and vigor that Gloria exhibits, which are matched by her precocious year-old son, Manny.

Opposites attract in this household, with Cameron having a wonderfully big personality and maybe a flare for the dramatic, while Mitchell is more buttoned-down.

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Porter, Rick January 11, Phil agonizes over the perfect gift for Claire for the anniversary. Retrieved October 5, Porter, Rick November 16, Porter, Rick October 26, Mitch and Cam are frustrated by how long Jay is taking to finish their kitchen remodel.

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Phil and Claire try out some adventureous excursions. Retrieved December 14, SVU' and everything else unchanged: Retrieved January 19, In a clash of another kind, Gloria's dinosaur party for Joe is ruined when her nemesis, Dr.

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Porter, Rick December 1, Alex is ready to shed her good-girl image and is going to prove to Claire that her relationship with Ben is definitely a sexual one. Gloria and Mitch are invited to a party at Oprah's house but can't bring anyone else.

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Retrieved January 11, Modern Family 9 IMDb 8. Porter, Rick December 14, Mitch believes Cam is undermining him during their kitchen renovation.

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There are some culture clashes, a few misunderstandings, but also plenty of sweet victories along the way.