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London, New York, Paris, or Miami? When she first began performing she described her main style as "Drummy Funky Pumpin' Techno" and her most important musical influences came from the shuffling of Jazz and from the repetitive grooves of Latin Music.

In the spring ofshe got her first booking and hasn't looked back since; playing all the major cities from North to South America, Europe and Asia along with Australia.

She plans on doing more music for all forms of media and focusing on more cross-over oriented projects in the future, to advance her career as a producer.

Misstress Barbara Biography

As a producer, Barbara has accomplished quite a lot. Obviously, if you are a London resident at [the club] Fabric, for example, then you will be known in the rest of the world because chances are that you will be in the press, but how do you even become a resident of Fabric in the first place?

Where is the best club scene in the world? She holds a degree in Communication Studies, specialized in Film, and obtained a license to fly gliders and Cessna airplanes misstress barbara trust the dj hookup age In fact, it has made my job harder.

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Regardless of the influences, her typical hard beats had always been the driving force in her sets and these elements were immediately recognizable in her productions. Last time I flew a glider was several years ago, but I last flew a Cessna about two years ago I don't think being from Montreal has made it easier in any way.

Did that make is easier for you to break through, or more difficult? I have to say Montreal, and some spots in Spain and Brazil.


Progression is natural in an artist's career and Barbara is no different. Awakenings Rotterdam Sold out Misstress Barbara Biography Born under the Sagittarius sign, in Sicily, Italy,Misstress Barbara spelled with 4"s" to understand 'miss' and 'stress' moved to Montreal at age 8, where she has lived ever since.

In her musical interests shifted to electronic music. Her creative involvement with music began when she picked up the drums at age 12 and started playing in bands. Barbara has a weakness for House Music and for that, she created the alias name of Barbara Brown, to produce and play House Music without confusing her fans and the people who buy her Techno tunes.

You're a qualified pilot, so you could fly your own plane according to your schedule The real work started once she finished university and dedicated herself full time to a solid studio work.

E Sao Paulo, Braziljust to name a few. For the next seven years she was absorbed by classic rock, by punk music, and all the hard music of the time. As she puts it, she still has love for the techno sound she became notorious for, but at the same time, wants to play all new wonderful sounds and rhythms from a multitude of different genres.

It is a given that she built her career on Techno, but as all people do, she evolved and wanted to open her record box to all genres of fantastic music, stepping outside the techno sound she is branded for. You must get out there, and that's not easy or hard if you live in a smaller or a bigger city.

And what is your favorite place to DJ? Now when she reflects on this difference in identity, she wishes that instead of creating an alias to play different styles of music to lessen the confusion of her fans, it might have been a better choice to remain always as Misstress Barbara, and just be known for playing good music of all genres.

What happened?

Copyright - Monumental Productions. While attending numerous events, she literally fell in love with watching DJs work. You hail from Montreal, I hear it is a great city and known for getting its fair share of top DJs and shows.

None among those four, I'm afraid. Because when you need to get out there, it is to the whole world, and that depends on your talent and on how hard you work as opposed to where you are from. I think that wherever one is from is irrelevant with success.

Oh and yes, Montreal is a lovely city! These days she is playing a groovy techy, minimal and electro funk filled sound, constantly pushing her own limits to evolve with the music she hears and appreciates.

She can be very different from one production and record to another, yet never lose the common threads between shifts in sound or style. Barbara began buying studio equipment shortly after the beginning of her DJ career and spent the next twelve months familiarizing herself with the equipment and working on original tracks without really finishing them.


Amazed by the beauty of the movement of their hands, she wanted to achieve the same talent and make everyone dance, so a year later she traded in her drum kit for two turntables and a mixer.

Even then, you must get out there to even be booked there, or anywhere else. I got my glider license at 17 and my Cessna license at She has released records on some of the most respected labels on the planet, like Border Community, Bedrock and Intec to name a few, and she also had a few of her tracks licensed for films and videogames.