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Speculation has fallen on a select number of fans, wondering if indeed Kaput is a native of Getaway, as he resembles the other natives greatly, in that he has a pale and fat body, with a crop of wild and unruly hair.

Before the duo can do anything, they get scared off by a giant spider. It later destroys the princess he was to marry to become ruler.

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Boudini - Boudini is a wizard of the planet Hokus Pokus. These creatures had appeared in two known episodes. These aliens also as classic vampireshave a strong dislike towards garlic and the smell of it makes them sick.

Cast[ edit ] The cast is composed of three actors, two of which are Canadian, which is pertinent because Canada has a strong influence on the show as a whole.

They can be hostile but are placated by being inflated so that they are round again. He takes control of inanimate objects because he lacks a body. The residents take great care michael zosky dating keep all things clean, michael zosky dating even going so far as to suggest that the residents be brainwashed.

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The little aliens follow the leadership of a certain being and then spew out eggs orally which hatch to resemble their leader. He remained with the RiverBats through late July, though after catcher Bobby Hughes went on the day disabled list, the Brewers purchased Zosky's contract michael zosky dating brought him up to the Major League team.

He began the season with a bang, hitting a grand slam on April 6 against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. While it was shown on Nicktoons, most of the episodes that were made were exempted from airing until sometime in Januarywhen "new episodes" had made their way onto the network.

This angered the locals in that they found that, being invisible, they were safe from their true form, hideous and deformed.

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Their crash landing on planet H2O, where through a special sort of water, known as "telessotelepathic waves", which allowed the invaders to breathe under the waves, Kaput had, in order to be kingalmost ended up marrying a huge, repulsive squid-like creature who happened to be the queen of the planet.

Pickaplop is flat because of a strange phenomenon which occurs when the night arrives.

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Their encounter with a delusional islander known as "Robinson Hood", who sent a letter in a bottle asking for two tyrants to come and dominate. Bobo Bibola - Bobo Bibola is a genie who is the denizen of a lamp which very seldom opens. Jackie cannot describe the reason why she made them like so but she said that she had a little accident with her daddy's connie talbot and jordan jansen dating which may have caused their Diskotekus - Diskotekus appears to be little more than a planet made up of dance clubs in that the planet is composed of bright lights and dance clubs, where one needs an invitation in order to enter; however the guards of the club are easily fooled by anyone wearing clothes which make them appear famous.

Globin 2 residents - These aliens appear to resemble if anything vampires. The donkeys proved themselves to be intelligent by speaking in full sentences and defending themselves. Pickaplop - Pickaplop is a planet which, while verdant, is indeed literally flat.

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In his first Major League game in over four seasons, Zosky went 1-for-2 at the plate, collecting a single in his second at-bat off of Montreal Expos pitcher Dan Smith. Mudhole - There's nothing much to say about planet Mudhole, except for the fact that it has huge mud pits hence the planet's name and the planet's leader is a ghost this is implied through the fact that one of the planet's inhabitants said so, and the leader is invisible as Kaput says "The only time you can see him is when he slips into an inanimate object".

The Office Lady is voiced by Helen King. They invade a planet full of stone monsters.

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Heads and Tails - These two they are two different personalities with one body are the instruction manual of the planet Gamma Blorg, and are conjoined twins. Isn't That Precious - This planet appears to be little more than a large desert at first glimpse, but the planet is actually a thriving populated world where the civilizations, as well as the natives, are invisible and are considered quite ugly when visible.

There is very little surface water and very few colonizations. Bobo Bibola is voiced by John Stocker. Max - Like many of the other characters, Max made only one appearance in the show.

It is believed that their boss may be Jackie's father since he was referred to as "the big guy" and spoke with a booming voice.

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The princess, however considered the two to actually stay on the planet so she could see Kaput get kissed tortured Their meeting with some long-armed faceless aliens who put an ad in the newspaper for a "ruler, dumb and thickheaded" to rule over them, when in reality, the long armed natives actually had a hidden agenda probably Jackie to expel the planet of both a flood which was destroying their world and in the process, get their palace back by asking the two invading obliterators to literally "turn off the faucet and pull the plug" of a bathtub which had been left running by one of the servants.

She was shown as the bride to Kaput when he was forced to marry the queen in order to gain the crown.

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Their audience with the Great Ghandizen, a tiny ruler who made a massive number of contributions to his homeworld and who often crushed any and all invaders who wished him ill with a massive set of pulverizing crushing devices.

Their visit to the planet Mudhole, which was ruled by a ghost king who was able to control inanimate objects.

In fact, they spend as much time running for their lives as they do enslaving and slaughtering innocents. Though he was expected to unseat Manuel Lee as the starting shortstop for the Major League season, [31] he began the year with the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs after posting a batting average of.

He made a massive amount of contributions to his planet and is long lived, being about years old. He is also allergic to moles and swells up when he is near them.

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That season, he hit. He seems to be well versed on matters beyond Kaput's control, and is quite easily agitated by Kaput's mayhem and discord.

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With this, the residents of this planet also make sure as regular vampires do to hurry back to the darkness at daytime. Chibapiano residents - These aliens are large, slug-like aliens which move, speak, and even think slower than the rest of the galaxy's creatures because they appear to be imprinted with such a slowness in their DNA.

Kaput is voiced by Rick Jones. He pitched for the first time in his career that season as well, appearing as a reliever in one game, allowing one hit and striking out the second batter he faced. Globin 2 - Globin 2 is notably inhabited by vampires.

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They also re-signed Alfredo Griffin and traded Kelly Gruber and cash to the California Angels for Luis Sojowho would provide even further insurance in case Zosky failed. Their intrusion of the planet Isn't That Precious, where they ran into a group of invisible creatures, who they tried to conquer by hosing them with red paint.

He speaks in a strong Scottish accent. The native tried to kill the two tyrants thanks the princess's red heart which apparently causes rage but were soon appeased when the rains came about and washed the paint right off their bodies.

They are not the most able tyrants, however, and have trouble holding any planet for more than a few days, if they can even manage to dominate it in the first place. The Byurks - The Byurks are a race of stuttering slug-like characters who are very gullible and believe Kaput to be a god, due to his drinking of a ceremonial dish of theirs, the Flabyurk, which when drunk, will make the drinker a stuttering fool and only massive blows to the head can reverse that effect.