Who is Michael Trevino dating? Michael Trevino girlfriend, wife Who is Michael Trevino dating? Michael Trevino girlfriend, wife

Michael trevino nina dobrev dating one of the cast, what's coming to netflix this month

Comic-Con: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder Interviews | Collider

We're living vicariously through you in the best possible way, even if absolutely none of this is true. Its their job, so its not far fetched for people to believe its for PR reasons.

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Meanwhile, speculations are rife that the two might have called it quits because of Trevino's increasing closeness to his "The Vampire Diaries" co-star Nina Dobrev. These guys look fantastic. Check out all five video interviews after the jump.

These two will break up after TVD ends. Several outlets, like The Huffington Postsnapped photos of them actually hugging!

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The gold dress she wore to xfinity cable box hook ups Hard Rock Cafe was beautiful and so was the red dress she wore for the EW party.

Nina is 23, she is all about herself and beauty, but Ian is 33 years old, where are his principles? He also explained why the cast seemed to feel he would be most likely to survive if they had to enter The Hunger Games. Joseph and Persia are very good friends and TVD costars.

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Nina im not really a fan of she cant really act and just seems boring. What happened to this Fandom?

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Queen florence2 I much prefer Ian to Paul, so what? I have met them in Atlanta on many occasions and they are truly very nice people.

While he was with her the Vampire diaries started getting big and he had an affair with Nina.

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Ian and Nina became a couple in April and have been together ever since and their relationship keeps getting stronger as time goes on. Personally though to raise my hand against a BF, nah only if my life is threatened and I would not use my hand.

Did you really just write all of that? Love the photos from Comic-Con!

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May 31, Finally Ian Somerhalder made his appearance. He dumped Megan for Nina. They are really cute couple but i have a feeling its more like PR than real life.

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His flirting goes into very inappropriate levels. Its pretty obvious in the show that the majority of the fan base is fans of delena. Rumors that she was leaving began to swirl after pictures taken on a group holiday at Lake Lanier were shared on social media by the crew, with the hashtag ' ninawewillmissyou'.

Getty Don't stop believing! The Vampire Diaries truly does have the hottest cast! Constantly bringing up Meghan Auld is a moot point because that ended a long time ago.

Nina Dobrev & 'Vampire Diaries' Cast: Comic-Con Panel!

Wow what a great cast ; molly Oh my beautiful cast! That is insanely weird that you felt the need to copy and paste a comment made on another website, which of course is totally inaccurate anyway. Its really sickening and disturbing to be quite honest. Nina looks gorgeous and loved that white outfit on her.

She had absolutely nothing to do with ISF. Mirabella Uh they are so damn good looking!

Cele|bitchy | Star: Nina Dobrev is dating another Vampire Diaries co-star, Michael Trevino

This reporter only noticed him blink once during the entire press line. Though im sure they know how obsessive people are about them because its plastered everywhere in the fan base This whole conversation is pretty much a lose lose type thing. I think he seems like a very admirable guy.

She is the star of a short film called Revelation that Joseph is producing and directing along with his friend, Luke Massey.

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He has a track record of cheating on his girlfriends with co-stars. She should hide them and not where such shoes. Hey, at least the former couple's characters are kind of together on TV, if you forget about the fact that Somerhalder's Damon is dead?

People see what they want to see. I dont get the huge deal of NIAN and i think what makes me sick is that fans sit around all day and manip pictures of those 2 that are extremely creepy.

As it turned out Ian and Nicky had nothing in common and even Jason admitted that introduction was a mistake.