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Penelope and Dillon are made for each other and I really felt it. They are sweet, magical and just perfect. With dirty lips beside my ear, she whispers, You make me so happy.

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She suffers from manic depression and bipolar affective disorder, a genetic mental illness. I truly admired his strength and dedication and I loved his love for Penelope. Overall, a wonderful read!

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Gabi blossoms dating way he sacrifices himself over the years warmed and broke my heart at the same time. He hurts for her and he just wants to make her smile and to take away her pain.

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Dillon and Penelope met when they were 12 years old. To say that I loved the epilogues it would be an understatement. The side characters are endearing as well, especially Penelope's father. All she wants to have friends and to be normal. She feels like everything hurts, having also anxiety attacks.

How do you know what you feel is true love?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

First and foremost I have to say I really enjoyed the writing. Since the moment Dillon laid eye 4. My heart ached for her and it was really heartbreaking to read about her mental disorder.

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Penelope and Dillon have been fortunate enough to find it, to find it when they were just kids. She is truly blessed to have him in her life and she is aware of that. What I loved the most about this book is the male main character, Dillon. I loved him for the fact he accepts Penelope just the way she is and for the fact he accepts her illness.

He was simply amazing.

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Over the years their friendship becomes more and they find out how perfect they are for each other. I loved all their interactions as kids and as teenagers and I enjoyed all their moments with their families and friends. Their tenderness was beautiful and their love pure and genuine.

He likes her and he likes to spend his free time with her, even if his friends tease him about it. How you recognize the signs of true love?

He loves hard, fierce and forever.

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Penelope is different from other girls and she knows it. They have insecurities, they make mistakes and they felt real to me. I loved him to pieces!

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