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You know, the hip injury was very long. I thought you said I did karate.

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It's not just walking through a Grand Slam tunnel and getting on court. You've had a lot of injuries, and you came back strong all the time.

Interview with Tennis Champion Maria Sharapova - DuJour

What do you know about her? Nearing her 30th birthday, Sharapova was thinking less about tennis and more about retirement.

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Along your career, comeback is not a new thing. Do you have a ranking target for this year? I get mad at him a lot of times. Yeah, I got some free points off of that.

It's a lot of things that take time. Well, do you do karate? Is it to get back to match play as quickly as possible? But, yeah, we have worked together for many years, and, you know, we kind of know what to expect from each other.

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I just need to know when my match is. You know, I tried to, you know, play aggressive and play my game and maybe try and figure out her rhythm a little bit from the beginning, especially not playing with her before.

I yadotsa raya dating the level she played with today was really great.

Sign In to your account to avoid repeating this across your devices. She took some time off — but Sharapova was hardly sitting back and eating bonbons. I thought she played very aggressive.

Interview with Maria Sharapova

The one little opportunity I had in the second set, I didn't take, I made an error. If you want to give a brief introduction about Sugarpova to the Chinese fans, which flavor you will want them to know? If I'm looking for rest at this point in the season, there's something wrong.

At the time I didn't really have many choices because the serve that I had before my shoulder surgery was hurting me after the surgery itself. I probably had, like, four or five since the surgery. You know, I think she has a big game but also a different game, you know, hits a lot of slice off the backhand, you know, has a big forehand.

You did something similar at one point in your career. It kept me out from playing one of the Grand Slams, yeah.

I was just happy I took her time away today. I still did a lot of things.

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I think with that, she played extremely well. Sometimes that's all it takes. How data brings you better ad experiences We want to provide you with the best experience on our products. She's a confident player at the moment. As you're getting older, the comeback might be a little bit more difficult.

I gave her the confidence by making a lot of errors on the return games. Will those fans produce some influence to your practice? Obviously you had a couple injuries immediately after your comeback.

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I mean, there's no doubt there are days where you just don't want to. Yeah, I mean, I worked extensively in the last couple of months. As I said, she took risks, and it worked today. She launched her brand of chocolate bars, Sugarpova, inand by the end ofit will be sold in an estimated 50, locations.

Novak is trying to change his serve around, some technical changes with it.

Maria Sharapova showcases her super-toned limbs in flirty chiffon in Venice | Daily Mail Online

Oath will also provide personalised ads to you on our partners' products. I think those are the days that ultimately make you a winner. A lot of things were going her way throughout the match. Can you talk about how fun it is to be in business with your agent Max, which is actually sitting over there?

Do you think this is a better way than took part in lots of games? There's no easy solution.

That, to me, is a big thing because I'll be back on the practice court, I'm not starting from zero. I know maybe that isn't what you want to hear, but personally that's important for me.

It was hard after having shoulder surgery. I think if you look at all the years that I've done well and I've had a pretty good ranking, it's never been about the ranking. Yeah, I don't shy away from the work. That's why I worked through a few different abbreviated motions.

But looking at the overall picture, the overall beginning of this year, finishing the tournament, first thing is that I'm healthy. Have you played her before?