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The lights were appropriately psychedelic with a retro oscilloscope feel to them and plenty of neon tie-dye action. The psychedelic synths accompanied by rocking guitars are great to relax to but I didn't quite know what to expect from their live show. I like it when bands engage with the audience to some degree, even if it's just gauging their reaction to a song, but not if it's a silly joke about how you can get the lead's t-shirt at the merch booth.

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It was a bit seizure inducing eflirt dating times and the band was very darkly lit for the entire show but I can appreciate this artistic choice as it forces to audience to absorb the music and not focus on the individual performers.

As implied by the lighting choice, there was very little interaction with the crowd, only a brief mention of performing at the lvz zeitungsflirt 2018 impala before and a "Hello San Francisco" The entire show sounded too much like a wall of sound making it very difficult to pick out anything, especially Kevin Parker's vocals which were almost impossible to make out, providing only the melody and no words at best.

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All in all I'd say the show was good but was needing in some key areas. This wasn't an annoyance but definitely an area I feel that could use improvement, though it's possible they were just tired after back to back performance nights.

Live reviews Tame Impala Tame Impala is a raucous time machine of a band. Their sound is straight 60s progressive rock.

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Lastly the set list was very well crafted. The show started off with some of more chill tracks, warming up the audience with songs like "Be Above It. Its release was met with universal acclaim and went on to be dubbed the album of the year by the NME and other publications and even got a Grammy nod.

I was happy to see they had two nights, the band must be doing very well as our Saturday night show was packed. Most excitingly I feel there's still a lot of untapped potential to make this act an even bigger crowd pleaser in the future!

Technically the show was pretty amazing.

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In sum Tame Impala put on a great show Saturday night at the lovely Fox venue in Oakland and I hope to see them again soon. However my greatest disappointment was the sound mix, especially considering it was their second night and you'd hope they'd key that in.

And while synths are key to the band's sound, I was hoping the mix would focus equally if not more on the rock element of the band as they tend to perform better live than the keys.

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