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He has stated that he's "not a man" under Merle's Zone of Truth. As television does not exist in The Adventure Zone's Balance arc universe, this was a road show that traveled from town to town.

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The crew goes with Magnus to try to gain access to Locas de amor online dating Light of Creation. When they touch back down, they realize they're not in the same plane they left.

In other instances, Justin has referred to Taako as a "male fellow" [2]. The two of them drove for two days together, but Sazed abandoned him as soon as he had the opportunity. While Lup took time to take potshots at The Hunger, Taako bolted without heeding the status of the other.

The Taco Quest Edit Taako is on a noble quest to find a perfect alternative to a sandwich in all of its savory goodness.

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He also picked up enough magical techniques from wizards in the party to be dangerous. This was due to him being clever enough to simply understand what was happening and pull out of the thrall of the experience [3]. During a date with KravitzTaako is asked why he would do something so dangerous.

Soon after this, he comments that he's not a person either, which would seem to indicate that he meant the former. Taako and Lup graduated top of their class at the magic academy they attended.

He can be considered both cruel and callous towards those he does not care for.

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The Stolen Century Edit Taako joined the Institute of Planar Research with his twin sister, Lupafter reaching adulthood, presumably after the age of one hundred [8]to become part of his world's first group of explorers [11].

It can be assumed that Taako pretends to be a "simple idiot wizard" in order to keep people off-guard. It can be assumed that Taako is over one hundred years old, since elves are not considered adults until that age [8] [9].

Before this, Taako had also discovered several components of taco on his own. They learned to only trust each other. History Here there be spoilers!

He is a bit of a kleptomaniac, looting corpses. Upon reaching adulthood, elves choose their own names [9]. Taako and his sister had been on the road since the age of 12 [10]. For the final episode, the show entered Glamorsprings.

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For example, he gives Ren a certificate at the end of The Eleventh Hour. When he noticed that audiences were flagging, he began learning magic in order to spice up his performances.

Proceed at your own risk if you have not yet listened to Episode 58 and beyond. They made their livings with troupes of performers and mercenaries, trying to find a place where they belonged. Unbeknownst to Taako, the chicken he had prepared has been poisoned by Sazed.

While a smooth talker, Taako has little actual charm. It is possible this led to Taako's identification with the animals [12]. While translating for the crew, Taako tells the animals that they are called "Taakos".

He prepared his famous 30 Garlic Clove Chicken for his audience that day.

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The town had enjoyed the show before and forty people attended the show that day. During this time, Taako internalized an avoidance to physical conflict. Not much is known about Taako's life. The first animals they are able to speak to is a family of mongooses. The animal language is only learned by Taako, Lup, and Barry Bluejeans.

He toured with Sazedwho acted as his driver, roadie, stage manager, and right hand man. Taako served as a chef with these travelling crews in order to pay his way. On the day of the launch, Taako chose to wear both a red robe and a red jacket. He rarely shows an emotional state beyond frustration.

Edit Taako is a disaffected and aloof trickster throughout the series. They take the losers' magical shoes since cash is worthless to them at this point.

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During the show he showboated his magical skills. However, it becomes clear throughout that Taako is extremely competent. Issues of Abandonment Edit It can be assumed that Taako's traumatic past has given him some issues of abandonment.

As the show grew in popularity, Sazed asked to do more and more with the show, even asking to co-host the show and change the name to Sizzle It Up with Taako and Sazed. Sazed thought Taako "hung the moon" and learned how to cook during their travels together. However, Taako has shown the capacity for empathy and kindness towards those he appears to respect.

Taako replies that he is "worried no one else will have [him]". He assumed that the garnish of elderberries he had used on the chicken had been unwittingly transmuted into deadly nightshade. When the first person began to die, Taako and Sazed ran.

There is a possibility that Taako went by another name before he reached adulthood. He learned cooking from an aunt [10]. As the storm starts to consume their world, the crew catches sight of The Hunger.

Taako and Lup spend their time hustling people at pool. He taught himself magic from books he picked up and from wizards he traveled around with. They acted as both chefs and arcanists during the expedition, being sources of magical information.

They decide to evade and not return until after the danger has passed. Before leaving their home world, the crew goes to a biker bar to party and fight. In Episode 68 his quest is completed as Joaquin Terreroa young man in the Plane of Thought, guides him in making his first taco.

Not much else is known about Taako's early life before The Stolen Century and he does not appear to be keen to share.