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The surface of the plateau is comparatively level, with some low mountainous wooded ridges.

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Its northern and western-central areas were inhabited by the Otomi and Chichimeca tribes. The northern and central portion of the state, including the capital, lie on an interior drainage basin which does not drain to the sea. The state participation in the Mexican—American War in the years of gave it the name "San Luis de la Patria", Saint Louis of the Motherland, for having contributed important leaders and ideas during the struggle with the United States.

Stockraising is an important industry and hides, tallow and wool are exported.

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At this point, local legislatures disappeared and state governors were appointed by the central government. During the regime of Maximilian, San Luis became an important location.

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The soil is fertile and in favorable seasons large crops of wheat, maize, beans and cotton are grown on the uplands. Fine cabinet and construction woods are also made and exported to a limited extent.

Settlers hoped of rivaling the Bolivian mine wealth, but this was never truly accomplished.

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These indigenous groups were nomadic hunter-gatherers. The state lies partly within the arid zone of the north, while the southern half receiving a more liberal rainfall through the influence of the Norteswhich deliver significant amounts of rain.

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The area around Real de Catorce has some of the richest silver mines in the country. In the 17th and 18th centuries, FranciscansAugustiniansand Jesuits arrived in the area and settled, then began to build churches and buildings, many of which are still standing and have been turned into museums and universities.

The eastern part is included in the region commonly referred to as "La Huasteca". The development of Guadalcazar dates from and its ores yield goldcopperzinc and bismuthas well as silver.

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The easternmost portion of the state lies on the Gulf Coastal Plain, and covered by the Veracruz moist forests. The rainfall, however, is uncertain at the western and northern regions, and much of the state does not have major rivers.

This situation lasted until the promulgation of the Constitution. The city was held by the Imperialists until late In the low tropical valleys, sugar, coffee, tobacco, peppers and fruit are staple products.