Alex Wassabi And Laurdiy Break Up Alex Wassabi And Laurdiy Break Up

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We really didn't listen even though it was for our safety but Yousef and I are rebels so. We looked for our seats in first class Alex and I was paired with each other and Yousef was sat next us in the middle lane. Soon later it started to get really hot but it wasn't too hot for a hot tub.

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Yousef's POV It's was now 4: It was necessary For a 3: I then thought it over and over unless they had something that they were both hiding but their could no way cause I'm pretty sure Lauren likes me not Alex but I continued looking for our extra bags.

After the pool we were all tired so went into our rooms and we all showered and Alex and I decided to have a nice little nap before we go out for lunch at 4pm. I didn't ask them anything else beyond that.

Trip to Singapore

Alex my boyfriend who I am currently dating which is kept as a secret volunteered to help me carry my luggage. Its was only 2pm at Singapore and all 4 of us went down to the pool for a little sun bathing and a dip in the pool.

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This moment was only for a while but its was time to head off to our hotel, when we blackheart nail polish uk dating Simmi was their and she was there to come with Yousef.

Simmi and I was sun bathing whether the boys were having fun in the pool. Afterwards we got checked-in and of course Alex and I were together and Simmi and Yousef was paired with each other which I don't think is awkward for them cause they have been friends for a long time so Hours later I woke up and we were 12 hours away from arriving and Lauren was awake and posting a bunch of selfies on her Instagram and Yousef was still editing.

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After dinner I suggested the idea of renting bikes and riding it's along side the beach Simmi had agreed but Alex and Lauren didn't they were to tired after dinner so we headed back to the hotel and we all went to sleep but I couldn't as I was still thinking about the friendly kiss By the time we arrived it's was 2: Soon later I then realised that this was a 20 hours trip.

We started to get quite and we both had many things do I started to edit my Vlogs and after a while I got pretty tired so I dozed of to sleep. As I finished Lauren was outside the door waiting and she went in and I stood outside waiting for her so we could have a quick chat as we haven't spoke that much to one another.

Lauren's Relation with Alex Wassabi

Soon after we collected our bags we went through Immigration and got escorted out to our taxi and boy was it hot, I met a few people of our family and I asked them "What is green tea?

Lauren's POV I walked past so many of my fans and its was so amazing to see them, it was also so amazing to spend time with my best friends. Alex's POV- Lauren had laid her head on my shoulder as she was snoozing away mean while Yousef and I were taking selfies and video blogging one another for our channels.

Yousef's POV I've been sitting and editing my videos for hours now and I think it's time i should head to sleep as its is only 11 am in the morning but all I could think about is Lauren and how Hot she is but not in a creepy way.

It was now time for lunch but it's seemed really dark so all four of us considered it as dinner.

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I Am now currently walking to the bathroom after so much Starbucks and water before the trip and I feel like I'm going to fill the toilet and it will over flow but oh well. She hoped out of the bathroom and I told her "Our eyebrows are always on fleek even If we are really tired" She giggled and crested on my arm which made me blush but I swiftly ran back to my seat whilst trying to look normal.

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