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They wrote anxious letters home, many feared the battle itself was meaningless, they fought while suffering from dysentery.

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Naomi is a young woman in her early twenties, who has her set of worries… [ More ] Status: His colleague,… [ More ] Status: Expecting to be left alone, she? Three tales of love set in a trio of contemporary Asian hubs: Embarrassing, loud and plain inappropriate at times causes Ginko to disown him.

He calls the person's mother and pretends to be her son. The clothes they make do not sell as well as they hoped for.

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However, it is short-lived. NA 0 Votes Honey and Clover Movie Japanese Movie 5 college age art students become close friends as they share common interests in the field of art.

Hesitant but committed to seeking justice, Benkel… [ More ] Status: As his relationship with them deepens, Kenji finds it harder and harder to accept the old world he comes from. He carries out his work following government laws. He then gets the mother to transfer money to his bank account.

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In Letters, which tells the battle story from the Japanese perspective, Eastwood also deals with the same issues -- there are almost as many Japanese soldiers who are fiercely patriotic as those who are embittered by years of cynical manipulation -- but he achieves a greater effect by making us more privy to these men's inner lives.

Futa loses his job at the shipyard and, feeling uneasy about their situation, goes with his sister Honami to… [ More ] Status: Keegan knew it wasn't just important to know how British archers defeated the French knights at Agincourt, but also that prior to the epic battle the British had richtig flirten mit jungs madison waiting for their better-armed and horse-mounted enemy, on foot, in several inches of deep mud, freezing from the cold and aching with hunger from a lack of food.

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Short on cash, energy, and ideas, the negative feedback loop forces each of them to start struggling in a search for alternative paths.

She is the niece of an art professor at the university and is known as a child prodigy. Mamoru, the more antisocial of the two, is obsessed with his pet project of… [ More ] Status: Clint Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima has just such a similarly humane touch about it.

It was a skillfully made, if sometimes dramatically stagnant, piece about the dehumanization of wartime propaganda.

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The newest member of their group is Hagu. As a chronicler of one of the most monumental battles in modern history, Eastwood not only has the scope of vision to show how, on a grand scale, the battle progressed for the defenders in strictly military terms, but also the little details about the Japanese soldiers themselves: One day, Kenji visits their atelier, or workplace, and is fascinated by the sense of freedom that they share.

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NA 0 Votes Gu Gu, The Cat Movie Japanese Movie Asako, a comic book artist in her early forties, is devastated by the death of her precious cat, Saba, which kept her company for over 15 years, as her assistant Naomi watches on with concern.

Soon, Hitoshi gets… [ More ] Status: NA 0 Votes Glasses Japanese Movie Among the most memorable things about Megane are an empty white beach, a luminous turquoise sea, and a verdant country road. It's this compassion which raises the film far above some of its shortcomings.

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Descending on this paradise, Taeko, a buttoned-up, bespectacled woman dragging a very large suitcase, checks into a tiny seaside inn. Unsure if Noburo Morio Kazama is her father, Haname decides to visit him but tells him that she is a distant relative, he happens to be the shopkeeper at an odd antiquities shop called Light Bulb Co.

Then, he meets an old classmate from high school, Ryoichi [Hiroyuki Ikeuchi]]. Hiroshi is distressed about his work, but he reminds himself that somebody has to do the work. Enoch is struggling to recover from the death of his parents and spends his time attending funerals with his only friend — a ghost named Hiroshi who was a WWII Japanese kamikaze pilot.

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NA 0 Votes Gojoe Movie Japanese Movie An ex-fighter who's turned his back on the violent life and dedicated it to peace and prayers by becoming a Buddhist monk has to step into his old shoes again when a deadly massacre at GoJoe Bridge claims the lives of many victims.

They both finally have a reason to live, but is it too late to have a life together? He is unmotivated at the office, and unable to break off a lukewarm relationship with his girlfriend.

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Alphabet case doesn't matter. Flags of Our Fatherswhich came out a few months ago, was about the American soldiers in the Iwo Jima invasion force involved in the raising of the flag which was captured in the iconic photograph.

His work is to slaughter dogs and cats that are abandoned.

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By Chris Barsanti Very Good In his landmark book of military history The Face of Battle, John Keegan did something extraordinarily rare for his field when describing a battle -- he didn't just tell us how many forces fought in what manner at a certain time, he told us what it was like for those soldiers.

Eastwood made cinematic history by being the first director of his stature or any stature, really to make two feature films about the same battle, each one about a different side in the fight.

One day, he punches his boss and quits his job. Immediately two of her friends grow… [ More ] Status: The two reunite when she discovers Tetsuro is terminally ill.

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